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Recipe for 180c / 45 Seconds Treated Chicken Offals With Cumin Flavor,pickled Shallots


  1. chicken liver                             = 3 no:
  2. chicken Hearts                         = 1 no:
  3. Chicken gizzard                        = 1 no:
  4. cumin powder                          = 3 gm
  5. ginger garlic paste                    = 2 gm
  6. pepper powder                        = 2 gm
  7. salt                                          =  to taste
  8. oil                                            = to deep fry
  9. coconut powder                       = 1 gm
  10. flattened Bread slice                 = 1 no:
  11. chilli powder                            = 0.5 gm
  12. ghee                                        = 1 gm
  13. pickled shallots                        = 1 no:


fine dining indian recipe and picture for spiced chicken liver,gizard,heart


fine dining indian recipe and picture for spiced chicken delicacy with offals

How to Achieve

  • Marinate chicken offal’s with ingredients till coconut powder keep aside .
  • Toast flattened bread slice in pan by smearing ghee till golden color and springle chilli powder,salt
  • Deep fry the marinated offal’s in a deep fryer at 180c oil temperature keep for just 60 seconds remove and keep in paper towel to drain excess oil
  • Why just 45 seconds so that the medium texture is preserved and introducing for a temperature of 180c  ensures most harmful substances are destroyed
  • Arrange as shown in picture with pickled shallots and cress

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