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Learn to Make Biriyani with King Prawn in a Pan

Make King Prawn Pan Biriyani

Follow this recipe and Make King Prawn Pan Biriyani at home . Its very quick to make when you have guest visiting .Biriyani is a complete meal with protein and carbohydrate. Biriyani has its origin from afghan middle east area during the Mughal period Biriyani came to India . Now almost all Indian states has their own version of Biriyani and each taste different.

Ingredients to Make King Prawn Pan Biriyani

In a blender jar 3 green chilli slit in half
1 medium size tomato cut in chunks
1 medium size onion cut in chunks
1 sprig curry leaf
3 table spoon full thick yoghurt
3g turmeric powder
10g coriander powder
Cover and blend to a fine paste
Heat 10g coconut or vegetable oil
1g mustard seed
2no. Green chilly slit in half, 1 sprig curry leaf
500g peeled and deveined king prawn
3g asafoetida powder

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Make King Prawn Pan Biriyani

Method to Make King Prawn Pan Biriyani

Add blended paste to prawn
Mix and sauté for 3 minutes on low heat
Simmer and mix in between
Add salt to taste
Now you can add previously soaked basmati rice
Mix gently without breaking the rice
Add water just to cover the rice – total amount of liquid including the paste should not be more than double the amount of rice
Cover with lid, heat best medium to low
With a wet cloth cover the steam valve
Open lid, after 15 minutes
Mix rice without breaking
Always taste
Switch off keep covered till you serve
Spoon rice on deep plate
Place prawn on top to give visual appeal
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