Biriyani Using Under Pressure Cooking

A High Cost effective high End Fine dining Modern Indian Biriyani  Recipe with Sousvide Technique.

An Excellent Textured Chicken & Awesome Aromatic Rice Preparation. Keep This Recipe Idea Treat As a Guide Line Chefs .You are Free as per Your Imagination To use which Regional Cuisine Biriyani Style to say Awadhi(Nawabs), Hyderabadi(Nizams),Malbar,Calicut….

Points To Remember 

Keep all Ingredients & Process Except our Old Biriyani Pot Cooking Style.
Note For :FOOD CRITICS & OUR RESPECTED ,EXPERIENCED INDIAN CHEF its not an attempt to tampering our Biriyani authenticity.But Trying a Different cooking method For Great Results,hygienically Safety,long Shelf life & Ease of Restaurant Service with out Loosing Its Indian Essence.
We had Tried the Kacchi Biriyani Style – Prominent In Hyderabad,India where all the Ingredients Except the Rice will be Sealed in a Pot cooked with Heat From Top and Bottom. Meat cooked in its juice & marinade ,rice Absorbing All essential flavors with out loosing The Volatility of Spices.
fine dining indian picture of sous vide chicken biriyani presentation
fine dining indian picture of Biriyani modern indian recipe


Safety Measures :
 Follow The Equipment Safety Measures, Haccp Standards For Preventing Cross Contamination as Vaccum Pack Machines are Considered to be a High Source For Bacterila Contamination as They are Used for Both CooKed & Raw Foods.


  • Marinate Chicken according To your Recipe ,
  • We Used the Juiciest part Of Chicken.Yes The Wings Its Very economic and texture will be Retained Perfect,Even though your Process is Costly Using Wings Will Considerably cut Down Your Cost.
  • vacc-pack the marianated chicken in a suitable Food quality vaccum-pack Bags adjust the pressure as per the Volume  , Results Will be Tremendous if you keep it for 24 Hrs
  • Flash Saute the marinated Chicken just to Take out The Raw Spice Flavour, why we do this – the Water Bath Cooking is done at 58 C  Given below Extract  of Temperature Chart From US 
  • Pre-cook Rice as Biriyani Standard  in Saffron Colored Spice Flavored Light Chicken Stock 
  • Place Saute Chicken & Rice in Vac-Pack Bag Seal with Good Pressure
  • Get the Water bath Temperature To 58c & Hold The Bag in it For 76.7  Min
If your Time Doesnt Provide the Long period , Follow The Chart to reduce the cooking Period
Result : Check the Texture Of Rice & Chicken as Per Required Biriyani Standard , If not acquired the Result you can continue the Process for Few More Minutes After Re-packing the Mixture. The Flavor You Get will Be Amazingly Refreshing as You keep the Temperature below 60c 
The Picture Shown Is a Guide Line you can use Your Creative Mind to unfold Great presentation Suited To Fine-dining experience
In Picture – we flaked the Meat From the Wings, few Strands Of Saffron, Biriyani Rice Pressed & rolled In Nori sea weed (Alternate Try banana leaf) with Mint Raita & Garlic Pickle
Cooking Time Chart (
Temperature ( o F) Time for Chicken 
136                           76.7 min   
137                           61.4 min   
138                           49.2 min   
139                           39.6 min 
140                           32 min   
141                           25.9 min   
PUSH your Boundaries Spend 1 HR in Your Kitchen Do any Experiments with Food , Challenge all Myths Come Up With Great Ideas . If Not Sooner You Will Surely use It Some Where.
Enjoy Cooking & Create a Wonderful Indian Gastronomy world will Look Up To
Many Thanks 
Creative Team

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