Coconut Rice on 24ct Gold,kid Lamb Masala,mini Dakhai Paratha,stone Grilled Lamb Cutlet

The recipe to be followed will not be a detailed one but we will provide a guidelines for chef to achieve the required presentation.

Once you had open up your minds please go ahead and create your own plates.Our cuisine is the only cuisine in the world which uses so much natural colours so why we need to copy french,italian or any westerners be your own idea promoters ,promote indian cuisine.

The Modern Indian Restaurant Cookbook: 150 Restaurant Dishes for You to Make at Home (Curry Club)

Believe us ours is the best cuisine in the world.

If other cuisine can create great food only with salt and pepper we can create a magical experience of flavors with spice and colors(natural)


fine dining indian picture of lamb masala coconut rice paratha recipe
fine dining indian picture of lamb masala pathar ka gosht kerala paratha recipe

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