Fennel Spiced Pan-fried Wood Pigeon With Summer Peach Salad


  1. wood pigeon breast               = 1 no:
  2. fennel powder                       = 10 gm
  3. Turmeric Powder                   = 3 gm
  4. Chilli Powder                        = 4 gm
  5. Corriander powder                 = 2 gm
  6. Ginger Garlic Paste              = 3 gm
  7. limejuice                              = 1 gm
  8. salt                                     = to taste
  9. oil                                       = to pan fry


  1. Summer Peach                    = 1No:
  2. Lime Juice                           = 2 ml
  3. Coriander Leaf Chopped       = 1 gm
  4. chat masala                        = 1 gm
  5. Kalonji(onion seed)              = 1 gm
fine dining indian picture of wood pigeon with spices recipe
fine dining indian picture of modern indian cooking wood pigeon recipe

How to achieve

  • keep the bone with breast intact & marinate with all mentioned ingredient except the oil. for maximum effect after the marinade you can vaccum pack the breast so that the aromas are trapped in the flesh surface. why we keep the bone, there is less shrinkage & more flavor to the meat if cooked along  with the bone
  • pan fry the breast with skin side first & then bone side cook till the core temperature reaches 45c ,this will be acceptable to health & safety standards as medium rare , and you are introducing the meats all side above 100c for more than 10 minute
  • Rest the meat for 5 minutes before deboning & slicing
  • for the salad dice summer peach and mix with other ingredients 
  • place the salad on plate ,arrange meat slices on top of salad serve with pan jus
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