Recipe for Molecular Gastronomy Inspired Dessert-cola Air,miniature Garden of Chocolate Soil, Edible Flower,lemon Grass and Caramelized Mango

Molecular Cuisine or Modernist vision in cooking gives an advantage in highly controlled food presentation here we take on Mango and chocolate based dessert.Main Ingredient we used to preserve the air captured is ‘Lecithin’ a product from soy protein.
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(please increase the quatity according to your Requirement)
  1. Mango                                 – 80 gm
  2. sugar                                    – 20 gm
  3. Milk chocolate                     – 50 gm
  4. Vanilla ice-cream               – 20 gm
  5. coca-cola                            – 50 ml
  6. lecithin                                 – 2 gm (add more if required)
  7. edible flower                       – 3 no:
  8. baby lemon grass              – 1 no:

(can get from amazon/ebay..)

How to Achieve
  • cut mango into a fine square shape which can be placed properly on the plate
  • caramalise the sugar in a hot thick bottom pan pour evenly on the mango slice immediately if you are slow it will not give a smooth finish 
For Chocolate Soil
  • Microwave chocolate for 1 minute stir ,microwave again for 30 sec
  • Repeat the process till the liquid content in chocolate is evaporated and you get a texture similar to soil
For Cola Air
  • we are using coca-cola for the Fizz that give an added feel to the air
  • mix the cola with lecithin using a hand blender allowing to get more air infused
  • plate as shown in the picture 
  • quenelle ice-cream with hot teaspoon place on mango
  • Place a heap of chocolate soil on the side plant few lemon grass leafs and edible flower
  • place the cola air on top of ice cream but on a side
  • Serve Immediately.
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