Kids-healthy Recipe for Noodle Soup With Egg, Asparagus and Spinach

HEALTHY MAGGI NOODLE AND EGG DROP SPINACH SOUP IMAGE FROM FINE DINING INDIANA tasty and wholesome soup made with Maggi noodle which is very common in Indian Middle class diet.But believe us if you add some trick to it it can be very Interesting meal ready in minutes.This can be served to children as well as people in different age group . As it is light and easy digestible this comes as a healthy diet option – you opt for only egg white if you fear about the fat content in egg yolk.


serves – 2pac

  1. Maggi noodle(instant) 1pkt- 100g
  2. Asparagus soup powder 1 pkt
  3. Egg 1no
  4. Chicken stock cube 1 no: / 25 gm
  5. baby spinach 20 gm
  6. salt to taste
  7. black Pepper crushed 2 gm
  8. water 250 ml


How to achieve

  • Dilute stock cube in 50 ml water add the noodle seasoning mix and keep aside
  • Boil the remaining water mix in asparagus soup powder and add diluted mixture of stock and noodle seasoning
  • crush the noodle and boil in the soup mix till its soft and cooked
  • Beat in egg allow the egg to coagulate check seasoning
  • Fold washed and drained baby spinach don’t cook any more serve immediately in a deep plate or soup plate
  • With some spinach shredded on top for garnish as shown in picture
  • Be creative and give variations according to your taste
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