Mushroom **katti Roll** Best Indian Vegetarian Recipe

Katti roll-kathi kabab are mainly Indian street food. found mainly in streets of Kolkata , New Delhi- Old Delhi , Mumbai.. , Some make the Kathi rolls with out any egg coating , mostly these Kathi kababs are made with Roomali Roti – Roti (flat Bread) which got its name mainly from its texture which resemble to Roomal – In Indian Means Hand Kerchief 

Basic Khati Roll- Consist of a wrap , a filling and a dip sauce mainly – Mint chutney
The famous Khati roll is the Chicken Tikka Khatti Roll – which is made with shredded cooked chicken tikka, salad leaf with lemon marinated onion slices and served with Mint Chutney
Here in the Video Recipe we explain how to make a Mushroom Khatti roll with in minutes
if you cant make a chapati use Ready buy Tortilla wraps.

Fine dining Khatti roll khatti kabab mushroom,chicken finediningindian.comFine dining Khatti roll khatti kabab mushroom,chicken

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  1. It looks amazing!!! When I think kebab- Im thinking Turkish Cuisine and yes I have still much to learn about different dishes in different parts of the world. Wish I could have one on the streets of Mumbai, my friend is just over in India and she loves every bit of it. Thanks for posting, wishing you all the best! Oh and thank you for your comment on my blog, it was indeed my pleasure to stumble upon your blog. Keep up the good work 🙂

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