Are You Rejected Before an Interview for a Job Applied Online? Chefs-career

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Are You Rejected Before an Interview for a Job Applied Online? Chefs-career


This is what you see after applying through a job site of any Hotel company dont worry learn from your experience make the next one better

Dear Chef XYZ
Appreciate your interest in working with us, after carefull consideration despicte of your career achievements ,solely based on your skill and experience in similar position we regret to inform that we will not be processing your candidature any further, if you wish we will keep your resume in our data base for six months for any future opportunity. we wish you very best in your future career prospects.
Regards, and so

1.Not all Jobs Posted are to fill in.

There may be lots of vacancies posted all over the job sites and even the company website. you will be invited to apply but waiting and no response or better you get a regret mail with an automated standard format.

one thing we need to understand when  most of the opportunities arises and a candidate will be already identified with in the company about 40% will be an actual need to fill no need to get dishearten keep your resume polished and updated.

2.Profile Not matched

Many jobs advertised has a more standardized job requirements and skills requirement,so you will be confused what profile requirement they are looking for. The most  probability for an interview call goes to chefs who already working on similar projects.Profile with achievements to show in similar platform.

3.Experience not enough

Rarely employers appreciate the resume with little experience if its not an internal promotion.experience with the cuisine , same level of staff level, star category and similar 

4.Over qualified resume

This is also one of the reasons many CV get rejected employers doesnt need a star in many of the job advertised ,they will be looking for a team player or a team leader who can gel easily with the existing team of chefs. rather than a person who cant be more than qualified to the job required to perform.
5.Too much Information given

In resume we need tom be clever enough to put the only information required to get you a job interview . The job interview is the vital role were you by your skills turn around the situation when you sit face to face with the interviewer or through phone.

were you explained about your personal data age, marital status, nationality .. you may be answering too any questions which can be explained in an interview later

6.Career history

Recruiters glance through a resume for steadiness in each job took, were you hopped through jobs , spend long than normal in one job, changing the main focus of jobs ( restaurant to catering , Hotel to restaurants , fine-dining to banquets…) can raise queries in recruiter for shortlisting.

7.Over Hyped Resumes 

Most chefs have a tendency to over show their resumes with achievements that are mostly done as a team , were individually it may not be explained by the resume. 
adding achievements that may be irrelevant to the position you applying for.

8.salary Expectations

Some online application site ask  for this but its optional , you can either add or skip . when you put your expectation be sure what the industry standards for the similar position in the geographical region you applying  for. it has to match with the company wish to offer,
if you quote too high or less it can fire you back.


Most of the chef position advertised for specialty jobs of high profile establishments already have an idea which nationality they will be looking for to fill the position. as per their company policy they may not advertise which nationality they look for , but chefs by their experience will come to know by seeing the way the job vacancy is advertised.

10.Your previous application History

The industry is so small as some says – you never know you may applied for a job to a recruiter and he may the same person receiving your application again  in some other company after a few time period, by seeing the CV format and the way of writing many recruiter can identify the candidate.

These points may help you in some ways to re-think how to go about sending your resumes and landing a job interview,these points are generic but are very valuable as a chef which i found its true to 90%

Author-Chef /Recruiter/Trainer worked with International chains