Macaroons a Fine Cooking Technique Infuse It With Indian Flavours for Your Petit-fours

Macaroons a french culinary inventions it can be classified in the same category of meringues – and the process adapted is also similar to meringue – the main two methods of Macaroons are The French way and the Italian way down below we had illustrated the French way and good video from you-tube for learning how to make macaroons.

If you get the process right you can experiment it with many Indian flavours change the filling to Indian desserts , to suggest – A Re-Interpretation of Carrot Halwa.
Macaroon shells made of carrot and the filling with a thick creamy textured rabri- amazing isnt it if you can get it right its great texture and flavour sensation for your  guest , than the normal Gajar ka halwa – with all respect to the authentic recipe – but being experimental.
The French method considered easier though …
  • Mix 125g of ground almonds and 200g of icing sugar using a dough mixer or whisk
  • beat to stiff peak   3 fresh egg whites with natural color or flavoring and 30g of caster sugar.(can use cream of tartar for baking  and trapping air cavity in macaroons)
  •  Add the almond/icing sugar mix and stir until you get a shiny and smooth texture similar to shaving foam but not to loose the air volume.
  •  Pour the dough into a piping bag.
  •  Squeeze out evenly sized blobs of mixture onto a baking tray covered in parchment paper.
  •  Preheat the oven to 160C then pop them in. In the first few minutes they should rise, and bake till you are sure the shells are firm but not getting brown color may be 12-15 mins.
  • When ready, take them out and leave them to cool. 
  • choose your kind of filling chocolate , butter cream and lemon curd are good options. 
  • apply the filling in to base of one macaroon and sandwich it with other 
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