Black Cardamom Spiked Chocolate Mousse and Nutmeg Scented Almond Chikki

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Chocolate Mouse

  1. Dark Chocolate 250gm
  2. Butter 350gm
  3. Egg Yolks 250gm
  4. Sugar 290gm
  5. Whipped Cream 350gm
  6. Black cardamom powder 8gm
  7. Rum(optional) 50gm
  8. Choco sponge base 20 squares (1inch x 1inch)




Start by melting the butter and chocolate together over a double-boiler till 45deg c and mix well. Add in the spice powder and keep warm. Whisk the eggs and sugar over the same double-boiler to a thick sabayon using a whisk. Alternatively the sugar can be adjusted with 2 tablespoons of water and heated to 121deg c and combined with the yolks in a machine to yield a thick sabayon.

Fold the melted chocolate mix into the sabayon, and follow it up with the whipped cream and rum.Set in a pyramid shaped mould ( as in picture), place thin squares of chocolate sponge doused in rum and freeze. Unmold it, torch to smoothen, refreeze and glaze it with a lukewarm chocolate glaze and coat the edges with grated white chocolate.
Attach smears of Dark chocolate to the edges and serve with a Rose Lassi and Chikki Crackers

Recipe and Photo : CHEF KUNAL Professional Hotelier India [email protected]

Nougatine Crackers (almond ckikki) – This Humble Indian classic sweet-snack is really easy, you just need to be careful with the procedure.

  1. Sugar 250gm
  2. Water 50gm
  3. Almond flakes 180gm
  4. Nutmeg powder 5gm
  5. Butter 50gm




Start by toasting the almond flakes at 180deg C for 8-11 mins and cool. Heat water and sugar till it caramelizes and add in the roasted almond flakes and butter. Roll out in between two silicone sheets out to a desired thinness and allow to cool down. Break into the desired shape and store in a dry and cool place. Use as directed in a picture in the form of a stack or simply let creativity take control.

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