Litchi With Rosewater Pannacotta by Chef Kunal Satish Arolkar

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  1. Cream  240gm
  2. Milk   50gm
  3. Litchi Puree  30gm( fresh litchis pureed and strained or packaged frozen Litchi Puree)
  4. Sugar  25gm
  5. Gelatin sheets  5gm (bloomed in ice-cold water)
  6. Rose water  15gm



An easy dessert to make in any kitchen environment, all it really needs is a spacious fridge and you won’t be playing Marco- Polo in terms of your closing dessert statement, with your guests anymore.Simply boil the cream, milk with sugar and allow to reduce for 2mins on a high flame, stirring constantly.

Blooming gelatin is the simple step to immerse each single leaf of gelatin in ice-cold water, in case of powder add 2 pinches extra and immerse in double the amount of ice-cold water and stir to avoid lumps. Rest for 3-5mins to allow the gelatin to imbibe the water and improve their solubility.

Take off the flame and add in the rosewater, litchi puree and the bloomed gelatin sheets or powder and cool over an ice-cold water bath.

When it is done, pour into mini silicon moulds (as in picture) and freeze for 2-3hours. Unmold and allow to soften, it will retain its shape thanks to the gelatin!

Voila!! A simple crystallized rose-petal and a slice of litchi serve as ‘name-bearer’ and a few raspberries will impress a dessert connoisseur!

Recipe and Photo : CHEF KUNAL Professional Hotelier India [email protected]

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