Avial-a Mixed Vegetable Dish With Coconut and Yogurt-kerala Cuisine

Aviyal-Avial is mixed vegetable preparation which is a must in any kerala vegetarian feast.a very healthy preperation which has its own value by the vegetables used.There is a short story said about the invention of Avial – This was during a custom ceremony held in palace of Travancore-Trivandrum  when the cook ran out of vegetables to prepare a vegetarian dish for the King . The cook was afraid what would happen if he cant serve King. so he came up with a dish with all left  over vegetable cooked along with a grind-ed mix of coconut – similar to white chutney

  1. 50 g Grated coconut
  2. 5 no: Green chilies
  3. 3 g Cumin seeds
  4. 100 g  Yam Thinly sliced
  5. 100 g Cucumber Sliced
  6. 100 g  Snake gourd Sliced
  7. 50 g Carrot Sliced
  8. 50 g  Long runner-beans sliced
  9. 2 Drumstick cut to 5 cm
  10. 1 sprig  Curry leaves
  11. 20 ml Coconut oil
  12. 1no: Raw bananas sliced length wise
  13. 50 g Raw mango cut lengthwise
  14. 3 g  Turmeric powder
  15. 10 ml yogurt
  16. Salt to taste


The method:

Grind coconut with green chilies and cumin seeds in paste and keep it aside.
Heat coconut oil in a thick bottom vessel, add vegetables and cook it on a low flame without adding water.When the vegetables are cooked, add turmeric powder, salt and mix well.
Put bananas and mango pieces in cooked vegetables and cover the vessel.
When steam comes out, add the coconut paste and stir well.Finish with yogurt
Remove from fire and garnish it with curry leaves .

kerala mix veg avial
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