Re-designed Lamb Liver Pepper Fry a Kerala Specialty

Lamb Liver Pepper Fry a Re-designed Version

A kerala style lamb Liver spicy Preperation with unique blend of spices and a very innovative way of presenting in a picture Frame.


  1. 200 ml milk  
  2. 100 ml Coconut Oil
  3. 400 g Lamb liver
  4. 5 g mustard seeds
  5. 150 g Onion sliced
  6. 4 no: shallots halves
  7. 4 no: Green Chilly
  8. 1 sprig Curry leaves
  9. 10 g ginger garlic paste
  10. 4 g turmeric powder
  11. 5 g fennel powder
  12. 7 g coriander powder
  13. 5 g chilli powder
  14. 5 g BLACK PEPPER powder
  15. 50 g chopped tomato
  16. Salt-to taste
  17. 300 g vegetable ghee rice
  18. 100 g beet root pachadi



How to Achieve

slice lamb liver to a 1-2 cm thick slice cover and soak in milk  for two hours refrigerated , strain and wash in cold water then pat dry. CAREFULLY REMOVE any fat bits or veins.
marinate liver  with ginger garlic paste, TURMERIC, chilli powder, fennel powder and salt, cover and chill in fridge.


Heat coconut oil in a thick bottom sauté pan , add mustard seeds, chopped onions , sauté till the onion become light brown  .Then add curry leaf ,shallot’s halves, sliced green chilli , ginger-garlic paste sauté them till the raw smell gets clear. Now add all remaining powder spices and salt sauté without burning can keep away from fire while sautéing. add chopped tomato sauté till it gets mixed well check seasoning add stock or water to give a shiny finish to the mixture and keep aside.


Pan fry marinated lamb liver to medium or medium-rare cooking (pink inside) yet crispy outside  spread WARM VEGETABLE ghee rice , spoon in  pepper masala mix and place sliced lamb liver on top, line with beet root pachadi and finish with micro cress
use only good quality lamb liver which is dark read and no other aroma than fresh meat. soaking in milk is very important to clear all impurities. if the marinade is coming off when frting its good to add some rice flour to keep the marinade intact and crispy

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