Kerala Style Banana Fritters,semi Jelly of Guava and Rum Raisin Icecream


A very old tea time snack from Kerala the southern most part of India , we had given a creative thinking in how to get the snack fit for a dessert course, we combined the dish with Guava jelly and rum ice cream .The result a fantastic dessert of banana fit for a gastronomic dinner
  •  2 Ripe plantains – kerala banana
  • 150 g Rice flour
  • 30 g   all purpose flour
  • 3 g  Turmeric powder
  • 3 g  Salt
  • oil to fry
Peel the skin off the ripe plantain and cut into two parts and then cut each part into 3- 4 slices lengthwise. Prepare a batter of rice powder, maida, turmeric powder and salt
Heat oil in a pan. Dip the sliced plantains in the batter and deep fry till golden brown in color.
Serve hot with tea/coffee.
This is the traditional recipe:
In our way we mashed the banana placed in a ring mold and allowed to freeze, when its semi frozen dust in flour and then dip in batter , fry in hot oil retaining the shape

Semi jelly of Guava 

  • 100 ml guava juice
  • 2 gm gelatin 
  • Sugar if needed to enhance
Heat guava juice  bring to boil , add diluted gelatin powder
allow to simmer and remove any sediments or froth from top
Allow the juice to settle down , pour on a deep pasta or soup plate and chill for 10 minutes
take out from refrigerator , place on center 5 pieces of thinly sliced  fresh banana 
On top of the banana slice place slowly warm fried banana , place a quenelle of rum and raisin ice cream on top of the fritter only when the food reach the guest table.
Banana and rum ice cream is good combo along with the semi jelly of guava

banana fritters guava semi jelly
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banana fritters rum and raisin ice cream

 Download free ebook’s              New Generation Indian Chefs

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