Kerala Malabari Parotta Easiest Recipe With Process Diagram to Make the Bread From Beyond Curry

Flaky Indian bread cooked on a cast iron griddle.

Serves: 15-17

Course: accompany main

For dough

  1. 500 g plain flour
  2. 3 g baking powder
  3. 1 egg (medium hen)
  4. 4 g salt
  5. 6 g of sugar
  6. 240 mL milk

For cooking

  • 150 mL neutral oil

For dough

In a mixing bowl, combine flour, baking powder, salt, and sugar, using a clean hand. Combine egg and flour mixture slowly. Add milk little by little while combining the dough together; add plain water if required. Knead tightly to get a tight dough, apply oil on surface, and cover with a moist cloth; rest for 30 minutes.

For layers refer diagram below

1. Divide the dough into 15- 17 equal pieces approximately 50 g each. Roll into small balls and apply oil on each roll; cover and rest for another 15 minutes. Flatten each ball as thin as possible, like dough sheets. Use oil instead of flour while rolling. Apply oil on whole surface. fold from one side to the other width-wise as you make a “w” shape with the dough sheet, like a paper fan on both end

3 and 4 .
Now roll in the folded sheet lengthwise from one end to other like a spool and tuck the end under the roll so when you flatten the layer will not open up. This is a very important process to get the layers. Repeat the process with other side and with remaining dough. Cover the spiral rolls and rest for 15 minutes. Preheat a metal griddle or a flat pan.

5 and 6. Apply oil on a marble top using a rolling pin and flatten rolls round with a 0.5-cm thickness.

7. Cook on medium to high heat on each side, smeared with oil, to get golden brown spots and layers to puff up. When cooked properly, you can break using two fingers.
Each porotta takes about 2–3 minutes for cooking. Maintain medium heat throughout to cook evenly without burning.

8. To get the layers separated, remove parotta from pan, and smear line of oil with a brush. Beat both sides of parotta using the hard surface of your palm in a clapping motion. Try not to overdo; otherwise, you will end up breaking the parotta into pieces.

Repeat the process for remaining parotta rolls.(traditional way we use hand to press and flatten by four fingers )

Kerala parotta-malabari parotta



By Beyond curry Published: august 12, 2013an easy step by step recipe of kerala-malabri parotta as seen in Beyond curry cook book4.0 stars based on 5 reviews Prep time: 30 min Cook time: 1 hour Total time: 1 hour 30 min.

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