Mixed Vegetable Tikki or Vegetable Kebab Tomato Chutney Recipe

Vegetable Tikki | fried egg yolk | smoked tomato chutney

One of the recipe from our upcoming book ” Starters by Finediningindian.com ” . A quick and easy starter to make at home and to present in our finediningindian way. The fried yolk gives a richness to the vegetable tikki .The smoky flavour is a great combination with spices . each elements blend and gel together to give a great starter experience.

Ingredients for 5 portions

  1. Vegetable mixture50 g oil
  2. 5 g cumin seed
  3. 20 g fine chopped white onion
  4. 3 g turmeric powder
  5. 10 g coriander powder
  6. 10 g garam masala powder
  7. 50 g carrots brunoise
  8. 50 g fine green beans chopped fine
  9. 50 g sweet peas (green peas)
  10. 50 g cauliflower grated in medium size
  11. 3 g fine chopped green chilly
  12. 100 g boiled potato
  13. 2 g fine chopped coriander leaf
  14. 5 ml lemon juice

For crumbing

  1. 50 g plain flour
  2. 5 g milk
  3. 2 g salt
  4. 150 g panko Japanese bread crumb
  5. 50 g plain flour

Smoked tomato Chutney

To finish

  1. 100 ml oil
  2. 5 egg
  3. 1 round cutter to fit the yolk


Vegetable Mixture

Heat oil in a flat nonstick pan add cumin allow to roast. Sauté onions for 1minute over medium heat. Add all powdered spices sauté for another 30 seconds and toss in all vegetables with green chilly allow to cook for 5 minutes sauté in between to prevent spices getting burned. Once the vegetable is cooked add boiled potato, coriander leaf and lemon juice, transfer into a flat plate allow to cool down. Once the mix reaches lukewarm break the potato and vegetable using a fork and mix well. Make a ball of 60g size give a nice shape using hand so you get a nice wheel shape patty. make the rest and keep for crumbing.


Mix 50g flour, milk and salt to form a pouring batter mix. Keep three tray one with second 50g flour, one with batter and one with bread crumb. Dip the vegetable patty in flour evenly coat with flour lightly tap off the excess flour, then dip in batter coat all sides allow to drip off the excess batter , crumb in the panko bread coat nicely and keep on clean plate. Repeat the process for remaining mix.

Smoked Tomato chutney

To finish

Fry eggs individually or together if the size allows in a nonstick flat frying pan ,keep the yolk runny and transfer to a kitchen towel to remove the excess oil. Cut only the yolk using the cutter as shown in picture and keep aside . cooked whites you can use as a garnish for any main meal. Heat oil in the frying pan shallow fry the crumbed vegetable patty on both sides till you get a crspy golden color. Keep the heat on medium to prevent the patty gets color fast and the inside will not be hot. Place the vegetable tikki in plate place a spoon of tomato chutney on top and place the fried yolk . you can decorate with any edible flower or coriander cress. Plating and shape use your creativity to achieve great presentation , keep our idea as a guideline.

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