Crispy Papdi |Bhel |yoghurt |Tamarind and Pomegranate

Ingredients for 4 portion

  1. 20 crispy papdi (Buy from Indian shop)
  2. 100 g bhel mix (Buy from Indian shop)
  3. 30 g fine chopped white onion
  4. 30 g fine chopped tomato
  5. 70 g boiled diced potato
  6. 10 g fine chopped coriander leaf
  7. ½ green chilli very fine chopped
  8. 2 sprig dill leaf
  9. 50 g greek yoghurt (thick yoghurt)
  10. 30 g mint chutney
  11. 30 g tamarind chutney
  12. 20 g pomegranate pearls
  13. 10 g chaat masala
  14. 3 g black salt


Keep 16 pieces of papdi separate for plating , break the remaining 4 in to small pieces in to a mixing bowl. Add bhel mix , onion, tomato, potato, coriander leafs, green chilly toss together with half of mint and tamarind chutney. Add chaat masala and black salt taste adjust seasoning if needed. Pick dill leaf and keep in ice water for garnish. Spread yoghurt on one side of the papdi and top with spoon full of bhel mix. You can arrange as shown in picture or be creative to find alternate presentation in finedining way. Use the remaining chutneys to garnish the plate,finish with dill leafs and pomegranate pearls.

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