Steamed Idli Recipe Make Wit This Simple Easy Recipe


A best steamed kerala dish, very healthy with zero fat and gluten free, celiac diet.

Serves: 20–30


  1. 50 g black gram lentils, split
  2. 200 g white rice
  3. 5 g fenugreek seed
  4. Salt to taste


Wash and soak together lentils, rice, and fenugreek overnight or for 5 hours. Drain and wash again; strain without water. Grind it to a very smooth paste by adding just enough water. For best results, use a stone grinder.

Check the consistency by touching the batter; there should be no grainy feel. The batter gets shiny when ground smooth.

Put the batter in a deep container and allow to ferment naturally, keeping it at room temperature. The batter will rise, so you have to choose the correct container, or it will overflow.

When the batter has risen, you can stir and refrigerate it if you want use it later.

Before cooking, take out the required amount and add salt. Adjust consistency by adding water; it should be thick for idli and thin for dosa

It is very important for the batter to be fermented if it is used for idli; otherwise, when you steam idli, it will be very hard. For dosa, it is optional for the batter to ferment.

Keep the batter to a thick consistency. Grease the idli stand with oil and pour batter in each slot. Steam, covered, until you hear the whistle sound. If the steamer has no whistle, steam for 5–10 minutes. Carefully open the steamer lid without dropping the vapour on cooked idli.pierce a knife inside in one idli if its nor sticking its cooked and ready to eat.

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