Idli Sambhar Poppadum Gluten Free Indian Breakfast Recipe

Mini Idli |Sambhar |Flame roasted Poppadom

New Indian cuisine presentation developed for our new book Starters By Sambhar is a mix of most amazing Indian Vegetable spices have well balanced and enriched with red lentil. Idli is great steamed breakfast dish uses 0% oil. The both dishes has been combined to create brilliant starter given an additional texture with fire roasted Poppadum (a lentil crisp)


4 Cocktail idli sambhar fire roasted poppadom finediningindian

  1. 4 no. Idli
  2. Oil to fry
  3. 120 ml sambhar
  4. 4 no. Plain Poppadum from kerala
  5. 20 ml gingely oil / vegetable oil
  6. 2g black mustard seed
  7. 2g fine garlic julienne
  8. 20 g fine chopped shallots
  9. 1no. green chilly fine sliced
  10. 1g fresh curry leafs
  11. 1g turmeric powder


  • Cut idli each into 6 to 8 small pieces , keeping approximately similar size, deep fry the idli till it turns crispy and golden color
  • Roast poppodum directly in cooking stove flame or best in live charcoal.
  • Heat oil in a heavy wok styled sauté pan when it’s hot add mustard seed allow to pop
  • Toss in  garlic, green chilli and fresh curry leaf saute for 1minute
  • Add turmeric powder mix in a reduce heat
  • Toss in fried idli add salt and serve with sambhar try selecting different vegetables to give a contrast, roasted poppadum as shown in the picture


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