Slow Cooked Egg | Aubergine Masala | Sweet Peas | Black Salt

Part of the recipe from our new book ‘starters’ by finediningindian




  1. 5 g black salt
  2. 1no. duck egg
  3. 3 g roasted crushed black pepper
  4. 3 g mustard oil
  5. 1 g onion seed toasted
  6. 20 g blanched peeled fresh sweet peas
  7. 1 g edible flower
  8. 2 no. fresh coriander leaf


Aubergine masala


  1. 100 g medium size aubergine diced
  2. 30 g white onion sliced
  3. 5 g ginger garlic paste
  4. 20 g chopped tomato
  5. 5 g coriander powder
  6. 5 g cumin powder
  7. 3 g garam masala
  8. 6 g red chilli powder
  9. 10 g palm jagerry
  10. 2 g xanthan gum
  11. 200 g oil for frying


Pre heat oven to 73c to be precise 73.5c if you can afford to have a water bath for sousvide cooking its perfect.  For oven you can keep the fan off or to low speed. Place a pan with enough water to immerse the egg. Leave for 15 minutes check temperature with a probe so that water temperature is 73 . Adjust the oven temperature if the water temperature needs to be corrected. Once the temperature is steady at 73c drop the egg leave for 15 minutes  bring down the temperature to 50c for the oven and for water you can add some cold water to bring down the temperature . this will keep the egg in same cooking without the yolk or white getting over cooked till you want to use it. 

For aubergine masala

Sprinkle salt on to diced aubergine , leave for 30 minutes wash and drain,pat dry. Bring the oil to 170c fry aubergine till brown color and crisp outside drain to a kitchen towel. In a thick bottom saute pan add 20g of oil used for frying saute onion till soft brown color, add ginger garlic paste saute for a minute. 
Add all powdered spices mentioned saute for 5 minutes on low heat. Pour in 50 g water simmer for 1 minute add grated palm jaggery add salt check the taste and allow to bring temperature to warm. 
Blend to a fine paste with xanthan gum and pass through a fine sieve. You may transfer aubergine masala puree to a piping bag or squeeze bottle keep it war at a temperature above 63c or microwave for 1 minute before plating.

For Plating

Refresh peeled sweet peas in hot water toss with mustard oil bough to high heat and temperature been lowered to warm. Add toasted onion seed fine chop half of coriander leaf, a pinch of rock salt. Pipe aubergine on centre to side of the plate and place soft boiled egg on top and follow the plating as per picture.
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