Make Beetroot #hoppers Onion Masala From Our Book #starters by Finediningindian

Beetroot Hoppers | Mushroom |onion |Garam masala


For Beetroot Hoppers

  1. 125 g raw white rice
  2. 25 g grated red beetroot with out skin
  3. 25 g cooked rice
  4. 100 ml coconut milk
  5. 5 g sugar
  6. 2g dry yeast
  7. 10 ml lukewarm water
  8. Salt to taste
  9. Oil for cooking


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For mushroom Onion Masala

  1. 200g button mushroom washed and diced
  2. 50g fined chopped onion
  3. 20 g diced onion same as diced mushroom size
  4. 50g chopped fresh tomato
  5. 10g oil
  6. 1g ajwain (bishops weed) seed
  7. 4g fine chopped ginger and garlic (equal part)
  8. 1g turmeric powder
  9. 5g coriander powder
  10. 6g Kashmiri red chilli powder
  11. 4g garam masala powder
  12. 1g fine chopped coriander leaf
  13. 2g salt




For Beetroot Hoppers

Wash and soak raw white rice for 3–4 hours until it turns bright white. Drain and set aside. Grind raw and cooked rice in a blender with 100 ml coconut milk for 2 minutes add grated beetroot grind for another 3 minutes or till you get a grainy paste form.

Remove from blender dilute yeast with lukewarm water and sugar. Allow to proof for 5 minutes, and then add to the rice paste.add salt

Mix well and make sure the batter is of a smooth pouring consistency. Keep covered for another 2–3 hours and allow fermenting.

Before cooking, stir the batter. If it is thick, add milk or water to give it a thin pouring consistency.

Heat a non stick pan Pour one big spoon of batter into pan.

Cover and cook until the the batter remains firm and its not sticking if you insert a wooden toothpick inside . you need to cook only one side and the top part gets cooked by steam.Repeat the process with the remaining batter.

For mushroom Onion Masala

Heat a thick bottom sauce pan with oil, add ajwain seed. After 30 seconds add chopped ginger and garlic , saute till it gets light golden colour. Now add fine chopped onions sauce till its gets light brown color. add all powdered spices in the order mentioned above saute in between adding spices.

Saute in mushrooms till it starts leaving water and gets soft reduce the heat add diced onion saute till the mixture is moist but thick . add salt and chopped coriander leaf. You can also add half lemon juice to get a spicy and tangy taste

For plating

Bring both Hoppers and Mushroom to right temperature place on top of Hoppers cut in shapes. Garnish with coriander and edible flower as shown in picture.


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