Watch This Amazing Recipe for Making Jam Jelly for Christmas

Make This Amazing Jam jelly

With your kids , you can choose any fruit jam for this There are some kitchen Tips i am providing in this video to make a better jelly.

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Ingredients needed


  1. 300g Fruit Jam
  2. 600g Water
  3. 6g Gelatin
  4. 50g Sugar
  5. 1 sugar santa



Bring to boil jam and water , add 50g sugar while boiling remove any scum from top, Meanwhile soak gelatine in cold water, once the jam mix is clean add gelatine . make sure you squeeze out all water from gelatine . so that the ratio of liquid to gelatine is not changed. if you add more water the jelly will not set or will be too soft to handle.Allow the mixture to cool down . you can see the sediments settle down . with out disturbing that take clear liquid from top and pour in to the cold lined with cling film. the cling film help to remove the jelly easily without breaking. Now you may cut wha ever shape you need. Place sugar santa on top or side. the sugar Santa you may buy from shop.

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