Food Tasting Gunpowder London


In this Short Video of food tasting at gunpowder we tried to capture few great food pictures that shows the cooking and texture.

few of the dishes tasted Rasam (our recipe-) – a south Indian spice Infusion with lentil, Crispy Crab, grilled Lamb chops, Indian street food classic – aloo chaat, Duck chettinadu , molten chocolate and chai custard ( Masala chai recipe -)

You can visit our website for detailed Food Tasting experience on Gun Powder
we don’t want to call our tasting experience as a review – for the Fact for a perfect review you need to visit Restaurant at-least three times judge the average for consistency .

Giving score for one visit we don’t believe In. This tasting is only for that plate that came from this kitchen on that particular Time.

On our ongoing effort in Indian cuisine development and help chefs to succeed . we starting our Indian Restaurant Listing . vision to Include around the globe. Starting from local community first.


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