king prawn biriyani

King Prawn Biriyani

This King Prawn Biryani is here to “Rule.” Try this unique recipe and take the experience of Biryani to a whole new level. Get ready to experience the taste beyond your expectation.


Ingredients                                    Qty

King prawn                                    500

Basmati rice                                   400

Tomato      (chunks)                     1 medium size

Onion         (chunks)                     1 medium size

Green chilli                                    5 nos

Curry leaf                                       3

Natural yogurt (thick)                  3 Tsp

Turmeric powder                          3

Coriander powder                        10

Coconut / Vegetable oil              10

Mustard seeds                              1

Asafoetida                                     3

Salt    ( to taste )

NB: Soak Basmati rice in the water at least for half an hour.

Method of Making masala for Biriyani:

In a blender jar put green chilli, tomato, onion, and some curry leaves

chilli, tomato and curry leaves in a jar

Add yogurt, turmeric powder, coriander powder and some salt.

yogurt, turmeric powder, coriander powder

Blend it to a fine paste.

Blend it to a fine paste

Cooking Method:

Take a deep pan, heat the pan, pour some coconut/vegetable oil.

coco oil in frying pan

When the oil is hot put mustard seeds, slit green chilli and curry leaf.

mustard seeds, slit green chilli and curry leaf

Now add king prawn (peeled and deveined) and put some asafoetida powder.

add kingprawn

Add blended masala paste to king prawn, mix and saute for 3 mins on low heat.

blended masala paste to king prawn

Simmer and mix in between

simmer and mix

At this stage check the seasoning and add some salt if needed.

add salt to taste

Now you can add previously soaked basmati rice, mix gently without breaking the rice.

add previously soaked rice

Add water just to cover the rice – total amount of liquid including the paste should not be more than double the amount of rice.

Cover with lid, heat best medium to low

cover with lid

If there is a steam valve for the lid cover the valve with a wet cloth.

cover steam valve

After 15 minutes open the lid, mix the rice, make sure you don’t break the rice while mixing.

mix rice without breaking rice

Switch off the stove and keep it covered with the lid till you serve.

switch off stove


Spoon in rice on a deep plate.

spoon rice on deep plate

Place the prawn on top to give visual appeal.

palce prawn on top

Garnish it with some slit green chilli or curry leaves.

Video for Making King Prawn Biriyani

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