Masala Fried Tuna With Sesame Seed and Caviar

Masala Fried Tuna With Sesame Seed and Caviar

Masala Till wali Tuna


For Tuna

120g Tuna

10g Muscovado sugar

10g sea salt

5g star anise

5g ginger garlic paste

2g lemon juice

3g red chilly powder

1g Turmeric powder

2g coriander powder

3g black and white sesame seed

For Garnish

2 no. spring onion shoot

6g caviar

100g peeled cucumber sliced in 5cm thickness

20g cucumber juice made with skin and flesh

5g mustard oil

5g lemon juice

2g sugar

2g sea salt

2g micro coriander cress


For Tuna
Cure Tuna with muscovado sugar, sea salt and star anise leave in refrigerator for 1 hour.

Wash and pat dry using kitchen paper towel.

Make a thick marinate with ginger garlic paste, lemon juice powdered spices and salt.

Apply to the fish and coat with sesame seeds.

Pan fry just before service or plating. cook each side for 30 seconds considering it’s a rectangular piece.

Keep the cooking as medium rare. Rest and slice into half-length wise as you get two portions of 60 g size.

For Garnish

Cut spring onion shoot 7cm length peel dry skin off. Apply oil and pan fry till its soft.

Cucumber vacuum pack in full power with green cucumber juice, lemon juice, salt, sugar and mustard oil.

If you don’t have access to vacuum pack machine just soak in the marinade and use.

After 1 hour in vacuum pack cut the cucumber in 4 half slices. With good thickness give a burnt colour by frying in a dry pan or using a blow torch.

For plating

Follow the presentation as shown in the image; serve with caviar dust with a pinch of chilly.

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