Scottish Highlands Venison Sheek Kebab, Black Fig And Ginger Chutney

Scottish Highlands Venison Sheek Kebab, Black Fig and Ginger Chutney

Scottish Highlands Venison Sheek Kebab

The concept of Conceiving this dish mainly to use in-game season. In Britain, venison is Available Farmed all year round. Wild roe deer can be found all year round. Wild red and fallow deer are in season from 21 October to 15 February. In the UK the majority of Venison comes from Scotland.
The meat should have a deep colour, with a dense texture. There shouldn’t be too much fat, but what there is should look white and firm – avoid any that is yellow and greasy. Choose your cut according to what you want to do with it.
For roasting, choose whole fillet; saddle (bone in); loin (boneless saddle); haunch (back leg, either on the bone or boned and rolled); or shoulder (boned and rolled).

There are four species of wild deer established in Scotland; roe deer, red deer, sika and fallow deer. Roe deer and red deer are native species; they colonised Scotland naturally after the end of the last glaciation around 10,000 years ago, and wild populations have survived in Scotland since then. Sika and fallow deer have both become established following introduction.


200g Venison minced
20g Grated smoked cheddar
20g Ginger garlic paste
20g crispy fried onion
8 g MDH degi mirch powder
10 g coriander powder
5g cumin powder
5 g garam masala powder
2 g chopped mint leaf
20g fine chopped mix peppers
30g Mint chutney

Black fig chutney

100g Dry black fig
20g Fresh ginger grated
3g Dry ginger powder
3g red chilli powder
10g distilled vinegar
3g onion seed
5g mustard oil
200g water


Ensure you choose best quality Venison. In a mixing bowl add venison, grated cheese, chopped mint leaf, ginger garlic paste, chopped fried onion and all powdered spices.

hence venison is lean compared to lamb cheese will add moistness and will keep it from getting dry.

keep it refrigerator till you want to use it.

Mold venison mix around a thick skewer press chopped mix peppers around the minced venison. Cook in a preheated tandoor.

Sprinkle chat masala and brush with clarified butter. Serve with Mint chutney and Fig chutney.

For Fig chutney

Boil all ingredients except onion seed till the fig is very soft. Blend fig mixture to a smooth paste and pass through a fine sieve.

Temper chutney with onion seed with and mustard oil. You can transfer to a piping bag and use when plating as shown in the picture

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