Gosht Seekh Kebab

Gosht Seekh kebab

Gosht Seekh Kebab

Gosht Seekh Kebab recipe for Indian restaurants by master chef abdul rahman. gosht seekh kebab is one of the easiest kebabs you can make but still you can make mistake get a perfect recipe for your Indian restaurants.

  • Lamb Mince                              1kg
  • Mice Kidney Fat                       100gm
  • Sliced Onion                             500gm
  • Ittar                                            2drops
  • Rose Petals                                100grm
  • Green Cardamom                    20gm
  • Black Pepper                            15gm
  • Brown Cashew                         15gm
  • Korea Water                             10ml
  • Refine Flour                              30gm
  • Yellow Chilli                              20gm
  • White Pepper                           15gm
  • Raw Onion Paste                      20gm
  • Clove                                         3pc




01. Rub mince lamb and mince kidney fat properly.

02. Now make a paste of onion slice, kewra water, rose petal, green cardamom, black pepper brown cashew nut and add it to lamb mince

03. Then add refined flour, brown onion paste, green cardamom powder, kewra water, yellow chili, white pepper powder, raw onion paste, raw papaya paste salt, ginger garlic paste and rub it properly.

04. Then dungar it with clove and ghee Tips Mince the meat 3 times. Meat should be free from sinews In 01 kg meat add 100 gms of kidney fat While making the seekh mince meat should be rubbed from one end to other to get the proper texture. If making in bulk please don’t add raw papaya as it will change the colour, raw papaya should be mixed before half an hour of making Seekh kebab.

Garnish with onion rings & sliced carrots or tomato aswell

Recipe by chef Rahman

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