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Fine Dining Indian Food Magazine March 2019

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Dear Readers,

we are happy to present our first Quarter Issue for
2019 . Fine Dining Indian Food Magazine March 2019

Sincere Gratitude for all chefs who been featured in
this Issue by providing timely articles, Interview, Images
and Recipes.
Its an Immense proud and achievement in featuring so
many talented Indian chef . Do let us know if you know
some one would be deserving in featuring.
We are so grateful and happy that Fine dining Indian is
Recognised Worldwide for its Vision, Our readers are
increasing day by day.
We urge all Indian chefs around the globe to provide
your recipes and articles for our future issues. We are
also looking for promoters, through product placement

We strive to push forward in achieving our vision
“To be the face of Finest Indian cuisine In the world “

Please write to
With Gratitude,

Bobby Retnakumar Geetha
#finedinindianmagazine #indianmagazine

Our Vision

” To be the world’s best fine dining Indian cuisine website and magazine”

We strive to achieve this by providing a platform for all Indian food lovers around the globe.

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