Leaders May be Born , But Definitively you can Train your Staff to be Leaders

For a business to be successful, it has to not only offer products and or services that meet customers’ needs and wants, but also have staff who are loyal and committed.However, to gain your employees’ loyalty and commitment you need to do more than just pay them well. In a competitive job market, you also need to consider people’s social and psychological needs – and this means leading and motivating your workforce properly.

In order to lead your staff, you need to be able to communicate:

  • A Vision Of What The Business Stands For And Where You Want It To Be
  • Values And Priorities Across The Organisation
  • What You As An Individual Intend To Do To Realise That Vision And Reflect Those Values
  • What Individual Employees Can Do To Realise That Vision And Reflect Those Values


In order to motivate your staff, you should:


  • Ensure The Work Is As Challenging And As Varied As Possible
  • Establish A Friendly, Collaborative Work Environment
  • Consider More Flexible Working Practices
  • Delegate Tasks, Allowing Others To Take Responsibility

The benefits of showing leadership and motivating your staff. Leading and motivating your staff helps bring about:

  • Higher Staff Retention – Leading To Reduced Recruitment Costs
  • Higher Levels Of Productivity
  • More Innovation And Creativity
  • Higher Profits
  • A Better Reputation – Among Both Potential Employees And Suppliers
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