Chefs is Your Job Secured for Tomorrow be your Own Boss

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Chefs is Your Job Secured for Tomorrow be your Own Boss

Answer me is your job secured ??

what happens tomorrow if your boss is turning a blind eye towards you .In today’s corporate world nothing is constant and secure even if you are working a large Multi national corporation .there also jobs are not guaranteed .There will be recessions ,poor profitability mergers, acquisition.. all can write your future.

so what we can do keep yourself always positive like all wise-men says but be practical. you should always have a plan B on what your future going to be.Remember its you going to make your destiny not your Boss or your friends nor your family.if you have a job that is well on middle management or management level its great or for any one in a strart up line.Take your Job as a Training Feild for your Next Journey “Being your own Boss”. Trust this if you start looking your job in a learning perspective everything will look curious for want to know more,learn more will have more question. why this ,why not this,what is that,how it can be done….

Imagine that you are the owner of the company or the section you are incharge of try to acheive more in each time you feel its enough.because if you treat like if you dont achieve more you cant pay off your debyts and you dont make any profits ,like the same way an enterpreneur will think.

an entrepreneur will look every possible way to make a sale ,change his tyle ,learn new skills…when you try this in your current job you will show more enthusiasm than normal,you will push yourself forward for training’s,initiate new responsibilities and extend more support to your boss ,because now you feel how it is to be a Boss.

Your Approach:

when you start behaving like an entrepreneur you approach to situations will be will tend to be more assertive.because you want to achieve your target.your negotiating skill will be keep a positive mind even a difficult task is put in front of will start thinking if i achieve the result in better time and schedule i can hope for better opportunity.

Lead and Deliver:

Trying to be a boss is an easy task , you can delegate ,give instructions,throw ideas… if you have a bunch of fellows to say “Yess Boss”.But you have to think for the long run if you want to be Great have to lead your team in the right what you can achieve and get the team inspired by your actions,words and your daily give constructive feed back, don’t try to fool your staff by giving OLD fashioned Sandwich Feedback its OUTDATED and they are clever than me.

If you agree some thing for your team it can be as silly as allocating an off requested but deliver it because you might not make you feel bad .but the level of trust start deteriorating if neglect small thing.remember always small thing for you might be Important thing for your staff.

Be there for your team:

Being an enterpreneur mean alot, you are the undisputed leader of your team even though you have your line managers to assist you.when a need comes dont hesitate to offer a hand for employees be it for your lowest level of staff.Remeber it sends a great signal and its a step for gaining loyalty among your staff.

show your presence in every event concerning your team or staff,try to wish or convey your regards personally to your team members when ever possible.

Scribble Down what you did Differently:

Practicing to be an entrepreneur is a waste ,if you don’t gain from its very important to write down the experiences you learn from your activities.think what you would have done when you were behaving like a normal employee and assuming yourself as an Entrepreneur. There will be a big gap.If you cant find a gap then you are not trying anything new.Then you have to start again and make sure your approach is different than your normal routine.

Evaluate your day:

It good to do and achieve things in your daily operation.but if you dont have a set process of evaluating your achievements .You can never find the positive thing and negative things of the path you are walking.

the things you scribbled down will help you in evaluating your day.When you do this in black and white it will be more clearer and evident.this process will help you in adjusting your way of action.This is an important process to do for your personal life as well.when you achieved some great thing in that day it gives a moral boost for you and in case if its not so great it helps you in identifying mistakes and what can be improved next time when you face the same situation

Sleep with a great Dream:

Remember one thing Dreams will come true when you have the will to make it Possible.Before you go to bed assume yourself as a Boss of great company of your choice ,what you will be doing tomorrow , meeting your clients,Investors, talking in staff meeting…when through your persistence you become the boss you had already gone through many situations through your dreams, you will act more confident.Dreams start working slowly in your subconscious mind and gives you inner strength to make this to a start dreaming.

Hard work Pays:

This is well proven statement. This will come in effect when you practice most of the above process in your daily activity.This steps you follow will definitely give an edge in your current job.Your boss will start recognizing you as a reliable employee .Even though you are not taking an immediate step as an entrepreneur all your efforts will end up a promotion for your current job.

so start cracking behave like an entrepreneur take decisions that will give profit margins to your company .

Best wishes
“Be your own Boss-start dreaming”