Nadodi Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Kandy tea story Dish from Nadodikl #finediningindian

Nadodi Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

NadodiKl Restaurant In Kuala Lumpur

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Nadodi Restaurant Kuala Lumpur Malaysia . Modernity and tradition go hand-in-hand at Nadodi. Our artisanal creations make creative use of exclusively sourced ingredients and special produce to earn a place at our table, and on your plate. We harness completely contemporary techniques and retrofit an age old traditional recipe with modernity. This can result in surprising discoveries and an absolutely fresh perspective on familiar cuisine tropes that must be experienced and savored to be believed.

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Nadodi Restaurant Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. A trail of footsteps through the southern lands of the Indian sub-continent has led us here, to a confluence of traditions that make up a cuisine that is as much the product of the nomads that nurtured it, as it is the influences that they picked up along the way. Now – presented to you with creative flair and the benefit of modern techniques – be prepared to continue a tantalizing journey that honors our nomadic ancestors yet forges a new path forward.

chef johnson Nadodi restaurant featured in Fine dining indian magazine

chef Johnson Ebenezer

From Tamil Nadu to Kerala and crossing the then-usable land bridge into Sri Lanka, the food of the nomad peoples has sustained them and nurtured their tribes throughout the ages. Ingredients were more found than sourced and the practicality of ‘making do’ over-rode any thoughts of grandeur of an actual cuisine in their quest for survival.

Three regions, similar cuisine – yet unique. We at Nadodi, honor and respect the journeys of those that have come before. We are heralding a renaissance of thought – going back to the basics on which the nomadic tribes subsisted on – and rethinking the preparation and core presentation of these self-same ingredients to please the savvy and well-informed audience expectations of today.

whats you Objective for 1st year .

We believe in small strides and keeping smaller goals down the line to reach the pinnacle of elevating South Indian cuisine to new heights, Our first aim is to be consistent in delighting and surprising with our innovations to the Kuala Lumpur food scene,  which will eventually let the outer world know about our potential  and to elevate this humble food of the nomads globally

What’s your Inspiration and any bench mark you set ?

We would want the world to know that we are the pioneers who elevated an humble cuisines of the Southern Sub continent nomads, and present it in a diabolically acclaimed manner and engaging all the senses which defies laws yet harnessing the soul of the cuisines and cultures.

How you all come together ?
Chef Sri Charan Nadodi Kl #finediningindian

Chef Sri Charan

We would like to say Destiny found us, Kartik during one of his luxury hotel experience came across Akshar Chalwadi, who was by then creating a wave with his flair in Bar tending, going on to win the coveted “Emerging Bar tender of the year in India”, And then during his experience in another luxury brand he came across Chef JE and whilst his experience in Gaggan Bangkok he came across the talent of Sri Charan who was then in the kitchen rooster,

When an opportunity knocked doors, when one of the investors was keen on joining hands with Kartik to form a core team and create a unique dinning destination at KL, the 4 core team joined hands, All 4 hailing from the Southern Part of India with experiences from far west to east.

Who was the driving force!!

The aura to create something unique which justifies the roots, the inspiration came from the cuisines which are embodied with the culture and the geographic locations of Southern part of Indian Sub-continent, the driving force is the will to create a unique destination for their food inspired from the roots and harnessing the best produce what the world has to offer. Using techniques of the modern era in the field of culinary and innovation.

What was your motive other than financial success .and Why Malaysia?

The motive is to be the pioneer in creating a vibe for Southern Indian Cuisine which all this while was just confined to being a comfort food, Malaysia is a land made by nomads with the population of nomadic races more in number than the actual people from its motherland, The multicultural influences embraces cuisines of different origin and harnessing its exclusivity, There is more number of Banana Leaf restaurants ( local south Indian flavors) than in Chennai itself, Not only the cuisine even the language of south India and its cultures and traditions are more practiced, Hence Nadodi actually belongs to Malaysia more than South India itself.

About the Recipes and dishes at NadodiKl

What Came First?

what came first Dish from Nadodikl #finediningindianThe Mystery of the universal chaos, was it the Egg which came first or was it the Chicken which came first?The texture of a simple street foods of Chennai transformed to a state of unrecognizability is a mystery to be savored

Out of the Shell

Out of the Shell Dish from Nadodikl #finediningindianThe sweetness of the produce of Hokkaido scallops with the flavors of Chettinad and a foam which is tangy and gives a balance, The theatrics whilst the service is an aura as well

Kandy Tea story

Kandy tea story Dish from Nadodikl #finediningindianThe plateaus of Kandy harnesses the tea plantations of Sri lanka, Inspired by these elements is the dessert which plays with textures and camouflaging the elements of tea into its characteristics.

1948 Independence !!
why the independence is 1948? Inspired by the roots, The journey of the cocktail will hypnotize your senses

“Spice Trade”

And the most synonymous of location has got to be the Malabar Coast invariably paving way to one of Nadodi’s creations the “Spice Trade”

Madras Central :

Dabara or the Degree it is all about Kapi, and this coffee is about Vodka and Baileys

Marina Melodies :

Marina Melodies Dish from Nadodikl #finediningindianCommon Culprits of engaging the senses at the beach of Marina in Chennai, What if the 3 culprits of Sukku Kapi, Som Pappadi and Panju Mittai bundled in One.

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