October Fest

October Fest Brunch at Courtyard By Marriott

October Fest

October Fest Brunch at Courtyard By Marriott

Article By Sana Qureshi

Courtyard By Marriott celebrates The traditional German beer festival with a wide spread at The MOMO Cafe.

October Fest Brunch Marriott Momo cafe

Mouthwatering spread of delicious German delicacies along with the regular favorite brunch specials.

Below is a small glimpse of October Fest Brunch Marriott .

The Chefs have been to their best creativity possible.

An array of different variety of sausages including Pork Nuremberger, Pork Bockwurst, Lamb Kabana, Mini Chicken

Tikka Sausage, Chicken Frankfurter.

October Fest Brunch Marriott Momo cafe

Our most favorite one was The Lamb Kabana Sausages which was accompanied with German Cabbage and

Potato Casserole with Caraway.

The dish that attracted our attention was The Oven baked Red Snapper.

October Fest Brunch Marriott Momo cafe

Chef has churned out the best of presentation & perfect blend of flavors.

I also couldn’t stop myself from having from German spaetzle


  1. Herb spaetzle with bacon
  2. Spinach spaetzle with caramelized onions
  3. Beetroot spaetzle with sauteed mushrooms  it was just magnetizing.

Oven Roasted baby corn, Wok Tossed Carrot, Watermelon Feta

Well the adventure of the cuisine has not ended,

To top it all, off dive into delicious German desserts for giving diners an exclusive meal experience.

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