Chef Consultancy For Indian Restaurant

Fine dining indian consultancy

Chef Consultancy For Indian Restaurant

Indian chef consultancy project

What we do In this Package

  • Menu planning
  • Competitor or Bench mark Menu research
  • Head Chef and Team Training
  • Stand operating procedure development
  • Standard Recipe and costing
  • Gross profit calculation and projection
  • Haccp Implementation and Training
  • Social Media Training For chefs
  • Food Tasting with Owner and Management
  • Food presentation and training on food styling
  • Food photography
  • New Supplier Integration
  • existing supplier Negotiation
  • Provide Help in Restaurant Marketing with PR company

Our Highly skilled Chefs will Make your Restaurant a success

It’s a great privilege and honour to do any small bit on leading Indian cuisine Innovation. I am very grateful for the outcome and success for the restaurant . Restaurant Now in Top 7 London restaurant according to Forbes Magazine . Read Here

I had given the opportunity and task for new menu based on Indian small plate concept like taps style dishes. with a free hand on trying and developing dishes with the kitchen team i am very proud to produce some great recipes and dishes.

The recent photo shoot done by Photographer Tony Harris  proved to be a great thespian in field of food Photography. At any Given point i would be happy to aid to him on any assignment.

The concept I kept in mind is always Main protein to be around the restaurant promoting Local produce.

Few of our Menu Highlights Indian chef consultancy project
Watch Video of Full Menu dishes
  • Lamb sweet bread shikampuri ,
  • 12 hr braised Angus short rib in raan style,
  • Hemp seed and cheddar naan,
  • candy beetroot Halwa and
  • many more you can Find in the menu

For New Indian Restaurant Chef Consultancy opportunity 

We are open to new project where we can share your vision and developing a successful Indian restaurant or food service Business contact us at

For Contributing to Our website

If you would like to contribute to Fine dining and get featured with us please mail your Indian cuisine related article or chefs recipes to

Please Find below few Dishes developed By Chef Bobby geetha
Indian chef consultancy project

Indian Small Plates : Photo courtesy : Tony Harris

Indian chef consultancy project

OCTOPUS : Photo courtesy : Tony Harris

Indian chef consultancy project

SHAHI TUKRA : Photo courtesy : Tony Harris

Indian chef consultancy project

BUDHA HAND : Photo courtesy : Tony Harris

Video of Dishes Developed for FloraIndica
which is Now listed In Forbes magazine Top 7 London Restaurant


Let us do Your Restaurant re-launch or Opening  through our Highly skilled Chefs


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  • Sandeep

    Hi , I am Sandeep jain from delhi. Running two fine dining vegetarian restaurant from last four year . Now I want to consult for our new restaurant for new food concept.

    Sandeep jain

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