How to Plan Indian Party Food Menu

How to Plan Indian Party Food Menu

Plan Indian Party Food

If you think about planning an easy and unique party menu with Indian recipe. watch this video and learn some unique dishes.

The ingredients we used are locally available around europe .

we focused on seasonal ingredients and combined it with Indian spices and flavours.

 Ensure you enjoy the party  than tensed to make everything smooth and perfect

Things to keep in Mind

we strongly suggest to plan the menu budget and visualise how you present the dishes before actual party day.

we used disposable tray for serving and reheating party food. This will help you in saving your time and effort in after party cleaning.

Most times when you finish with party you are tired and left with no energy in cleaning up. so this idea of using quality oven proof disposable tray is very helpful.

Points to Plan Indian Party Food Menu

  • Your Budget
  • Non vegetarian Options
  • Vegetarian options
  • Snacks
  • Alcoholic beverges
  • Non-alcoholic beverage
  • Disposing left overs
  • Washing cleaning up after party..

Watch our Food menu video for a small party

We need to keep in mind The age group of people invited for the party . How many people are coming to the party . How many female , male guest are in the group .

If Kids are coming you need plan kids friendly meal .