Learn Sethubandhanasaana or Bridge Pose

Sethubandhanasaana or Bridge Pose

Sethubandhanasaana or Bridge Pose
How to do Sethubandhanasaana or Bridge Pose
  1. Lie on the mat, bend your knees, legs shoulder width apart.
  2. Catch the ankles of both legs with your hands.
  3. Relax the body and mind.
  4. Inhale and with the support of the arms slowly raise your hips as much as possible and shoulders and head on the floor.
  5. Getting a good arch to the upper back as well.
  6. Close the eyes and relax the whole body in the final pose for as long as comfortable.
  7. Hold the position for 30 seconds, release the hands, lower the back and return to the relaxation position.

Beginners should hold the final position for a few seconds only and gradually

increasing the time over a period of weeks.


  1. One shouldn’t perform this pose if suffering from neck pain.
  2. In back injury, it should be avoided.
  3. Skip the yoga poses if one having knee pain.
  4. Avoid it during shoulder injury.
  5. Avoid turning your head right or left while you are in the pose.


  1. The bridge reverses the stretch off the shoulder stand.
  2. Stretches the chest, neck, spine, and hips
  3. Strengthens abdominal and lumbar muscles.
  4. Improves circulation of blood
  5. Helps alleviate stress and mild depression
  6. Calms the brain and central nervous system
  7. Stimulates the lungs, thyroid glands, and abdominal organs
  8. Improves digestion
  9. Helps relieve symptoms of menopause
  10. Reduces a backache and headache
  11. Reduces fatigue, anxiety, and insomnia
  12. Rejuvenates tired legs
  13. Relieves symptoms of asthma and high blood pressure
  14. Therapeutic for hypertension, osteoporosis, and sinusitis


Author Yoga Instructor: Abhilash Soman

My website is www.avadhutayoga.co. Follow me on my face book page -Yoga with Abhilash. https://www.facebook.com/Yoga-with-Abhilash-953306254684951.

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