Fine Indian Food for Physical, Mental & Spiritual Well-Being

Fine Indian Food

Fine Indian Food for Physical, Mental & Spiritual Well-Being

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Regardless of its heavenly taste, the fine Indian food sports some really essential health benefits. It may sound a little bit eccentric. You may wonder, how can any food be healthy and tasty at the same time? All right, buy yourself some time to sleep on it while we handpick some interesting ingredients from your favorite popular Indian recipes which possess some incredible health benefits.

Now that you are have wondered enough, and the curiosity is at its peak, we assume this is the perfect time to unravel the veil from the ancient Indian treasure of physical, mental and spiritual wealth.

So basically, the perks are not hidden in the dishes but the ingredients. The Indian spices and herbs are filled with tons of goodness.

All right, people, it is time to take a look at these spices or herbs which have been hiding such benefits under their camouflage of flavors.


Black Pepper

Black Gold of India. Yes, in ancient times the black pepper was exported to other countries for the price of Gold. But who knew that this Black gold has some Gold-like health benefits?

Feeling curious? The wait is over now, take a look at this list.

  • Digestion problems? Black Pepper is your buddy. It not only complements the taste of the food but it also stimulates the taste buds to inform our stomach to expedite the process of hydrochloric acid production, which helps to digest food effortlessly.
  • Black Pepper is the Dark Knight for you; it will fight against the bacterial growth in intestines with the help of its antioxidant properties.
  • Can’t achieve your weight-loss goal yet? Sprinkle some black pepper powder and let it do the rest. It miraculously stimulates the breakdown of the fat cells.
  • You may be immune to all those mentioned problems. But it does not mean that Black Pepper is useless for you. It provides you respiratory relief by treating cold, cough and nasal congestion as well.
  • No matter how much healthy food you consume but are you sure that all the benefits of the constituents of your food are being utilized by your body or not? Well, Black Pepper turns this uncertainty into an absolute certainty. Thus your body system can access all the nutrients of the healthy food consumed by you.

Now that you know what kind of miracles these little-wrinkled seeds can do, you will definitely appreciate the presence of Black Pepper in your next dish.


The distinctive flavour of clove is widely known by everyone. But did you know that little flavour enhancer can also help you to stay fit always? Maybe that is why you will always find a picture of cloves on every herbal toothpaste. Here some of the facts that make Cloves a must-have ingredient in your house.

  • This ingredient of fine Indian food will keep your liver healthy. Like all other spices, cloves contain a high amount of antioxidant as well.
  • Good news for Diabetic Patients. Several studies have found out that the extracts of cloves are seen to be imitating insulin in particular ways. Therefore, cloves can be your pretty good friends.
  • Bone preservation is also a part of benefits of clove. Its phenolic compounds are very advantageous in preserving the mineral content of the bone.
  • Antibacterial properties of cloves also make this little spice a true rock star among the other spices. It protects you from a number of human pathogens.
  • Afraid of dentists? Cloves have been found to be helping you to skip your appointments at the dentist. Yes, you heard it right. For gum diseases like Gingivitis and Periodontitis, cloves are very beneficial. Cloves also fight against various oral pathogens.

Now moving towards our next spice which is the ubiquitous spice of fine Indian food. Any guesses?

All right, it is,



Turmeric is a root of its plant, and it is the root of many fine Indian food ingredients, coincident? To be honest, turmeric has tons of benefits, but still, we will try to enlist some of the top benefits which will fill you with wonder. Are you ready?

  • Its bright yellow colour not only gives relief to eyes. But it also helps your to get rid of the pain. The antioxidants of turmeric are enemies of the free radicals which destroy the cells. Therefore, anyone suffering from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis can consume turmeric on a daily basis to get relief from pain. Turmeric also takes care of your joint pain and inflammation as well.
  • Talk to your granny about the treatment of any burn, infection or cut. She will probably suggest you to apply turmeric to the affected area. Turmeric is a prominent anti-inflammatory agent. So how about switching from pill to turmeric?
  • Some of the compounds of turmeric help your body to repair stem cells in the brain. Thus, for a greater health mind and sharp memory, you can start consuming turmeric.

All right, these are some of many health benefits of ingredients of fine Indian food. Therefore, you can believe that tasty food can also be healthy. But this is not it, in our next articles we will try to covers some more spices and their incredible perks.

Disclaimer: The benefits shown here are based on public opinion. The author and the magazine do not guarantee any of the details mentioned in this article. Reader’s discretion is expected.