The Oberoi Hotels

Oberoi Luxury Hotels India

The Oberoi Hotels

Oberoi luxury hotels India

History Of oberois 

The inception of the Oberoi chains took place in the year 1934 by its founder Rai Bahadur Mohan Singh Oberoi. In 1996, the parent company was named to EIH Limited from the East India Hotels Limited. The year 2004 saw the alliance of the Oberois with the Hilton International as per marketing strategy. However, the alliance was ended in 2008.

Today, Fine Dining Indian Magazine will uncover the reasons which makes the Oberoi a quintessential of perfect hospitality.

From establishing its unassailable reputation across the buzzing elite cities of India, The Oberoi has marked its penchant for Fine dining and luxurious living across the major cities of Asia and in other tourist attractions of the globe like Mauritius, Egypt, Morocco and UAE.

If you care about the unrelenting focus to provide excellent Guest Experience, The Oberois will not disappoint you.

Regularly touted as the best hotel chain in the world, The Oberios are not complacent to revel in its laurels but instead stays abreast with the trending wellness facilities, Popular Indian Recipes and other services which compel its customers to visit the place over and again.


The Oberois (in any part of the globe) are mostly located in the Business Bay areas with easy accessibility to the corporate destinations.


Be it the buzzing cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai or Mauritius; the Oberois manages to stay in close proximities to major tourist attraction sites in that particular city.

In most of the Oberois, Free shuttles are provided to nearby malls and other tourist attraction sites for ease in the conveyance.

Dine and Wine

Be assured that the Best Indian chefs (in every Oberoi) have incorporated delectable Indian Cooking Recipes which will easily satiate your varied taste buds. The ambience is nothing short of perfection and includes excellent dining options.

All famous cuisines are available at the Oberois with the lavish breakfast buffet included in all the options.

The wine options are available in plethora here with some of the reputed brands such as Gaja, Marchesi di Barolo and Allegrini readily available.


Services and Facilities

Oberois are equipped with the modern gyms and spas which comes in extremely handy for the early morning visitors. The floor to ceiling windows keeps the space extraordinarily bright and invigorating.

Upon encountering the modern equipment of the Spas and gyms, the staff magically emerges out of nowhere to guide the guests.

The Late Night lounge is a fun and entertaining place which allows cross-cultural people to gel with each other.

Styling and interiors

With most of the Oberois undergone massive renovations with perfection to detail, there is little room for even the constructive criticism.

The marble lobby in almost every Oberois is a treat to the eyes and sets the benchmark for a heartwarming entrance for the customer.

The custom built furniture from the oaks and teak provides ample space for the visitors to take a breather after a thorough inspection of the marvelous interiors.

The rooms are incredibly spacious with beautiful wood floors and tan seating.

Standard amenities like the TV, Wi-Fi, Minibars, Nespresso machines are Top Notch. Upscale toiletries are provided without any charges.

The neutral looks of the walls coupled with the modern artworks look fabulous in conjecture with ample amount pleasant sunlight flooding in. Feel the opulence in the room combined with the richly vibrant colors of furniture.


The excellent staff is exceptionally generous, polite, always eager to help out its customers and are congruent to the claims of excellent hospitality by the Oberois.

The enthusiastic staff people thrive on fulfilling the small basic needs with an extra dosage of Tender, love and care.

With a high staff to guests ratio, you will enjoy the undivided, prompt attention and service from the customer care even at the odd hours.

Value for Money

Living at the Oberios comes at a price of a dime but undoubtedly worth every penny. The extent to which staff is committed to providing you with the best experience is commendable.

Low season rooms start at around 250 pounds with prices skyrocketing to nearly 400 pounds during the peak seasons.

The incentive system for the staff people makes sure that they are looking for opportunities to serve their customers in any scale and manner.


A professional and friendly guest- culture environment that ensures a nothing short of superlative experience (especially the Best Indian recipes) for its customers, when it comes to providing a king size experience, The Oberois are indeed at the pinnacle and leaves no stone unturned to give an astounding customer-centric experience.

Besides offering a fabulous experience, the place is acquainted with the giants and certainly makes it a networking hub where you could forge a strong impression on potential clients.

All in all, this Grande dame is undoubtedly the hotel to visit if you are seeking an unforgettable and rejuvenating experience.