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Taj Hotels

Taj Luxury Hotels India


Taj hotel chain is probably among the elite hospitality conglomerates that are more than a century old. Founded by Mr. Jamshedji Nusserwanji Tata, it has garnered a strong presence across the globe with an ultra-luxe reputation in popular destinations like Australia, USA, European and even the middle east countries.

In this post, the Fine Dining Indian Magazine will cover every aspect of the Taj. The edifice of Taj hotel chains started in the year 1903 after a disheartening rebuff faced by Tata when he was stopped at the entrance of a hotel in a foreign country for being not a European. There was no looking back from that moment and today Taj hotels are touted as the pride and symbol of Indian Hospitality.


Taj Hotels have exemplary locations, strategically in the proximity of beaches, nature and historical tourist sites which appeals stupendously to the different categories of travelers and business people.

1In international destinations, Taj Hotels is conveniently located near the Airport and around Business Bay areas. To and fro shuttle services are always on the move to allow ease of conveyance to customers especially with the ones with disabilities.  The route to the hotel can be challenging especially during the peak hours.

Dine and Wine

Connoisseurs will greatly relish on the exquisite cuisines of European, Chinese, Italian, Continental and undoubtedly the Best Indian recipes by the Best Indian chefs. Some of the Taj hotels have a unique open kitchen and tea lounges for the conversationalists.

For the wine aficionados, the Taj will not disappoint with its extensive collection of the international brands. Coupled that with the live counters, perfect lunch buffet with entertaining live performances and you are sure to have a Gala time.


Services and Facilities

Essential Amenities of a pool, Wi-Fi, Parking, profoundly cossetting spa and ultra-modern gyms should be expected in plethora in every Taj Hotel along with sufficient facilities for discussing business and doing conferences.

Most of the Bathrooms are massively spacious and includes the necessities like Bathtub, walk-in shower toilet and a double sink.

The mini bar area at the corner of the room adds a lively vibe to the place which can be tucked away into a beautiful, little closet so that it doesn’t look overly conspicuous.

Styling and interiors

A few Taj hotels like the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai certainly bears a resemblance to the architectural blend of European and Islamic Style construction.

Taj hotels have the perfect homey and luxurious ambience that instill a high feeling in its customers. Since its inception in 1903, it has reportedly gone under refurbishment worth more than hundred million pounds. Although native to India, Taj Hotels in foreign locations have blended the heritage look of that country in their interior styling and décor.


From Countless celebrities like Tom Cruise and Leonardo Di Caprio to rock stars like Mick Jagger, Taj hotels have served some of the well-renowned people in the world. If you are none of those, still expect to receive a mighty professional yet heartwarming welcome.

As the flagship service of India’s most powerful businessman, Taj Hotel’s staff services are unparalleled, on-demand available without any waiting time.

Right from the doormen to the butlers meticulously dressed in their white suits, it is a pleasant experience to witness such mighty professional staff services. The ratio of staff to people in nearly every Taj Hotel is 1: 10 which leaves out any possibility of delayed customer service.

Value for Money

The rates are pretty darn high, only to be afforded by an upper-class Indian family but so are the hospitality services. For international tourists, Taj Hotel is the preferred stay over location owing to its global reputation and its perfect appeal to the business as well as leisure guests. All the booking prices are inclusive of the taxes and include Buffet breakfast which includes Fine Indian Food.


The hotel chain has grown into a massive stature and grandeur over the period of years. All in all, Taj Hotels are more than just a hotel. They offer palatial levels of luxury like no other hotel chains. The people who are at the epitome of socio-economic ladder choose Taj as their preferred vacation destination owing to its century-old global reputation. The lush and the contemporary comfort coupled with the respect for tradition makes Taj hotels mighty appealing to the domestic and international clients.