Indian Food Pancha Bhoota

Indian Food Pancha Bhoota relation

Indian Food Pancha Bhoota


Indian Food Pancha Bhoota relation

Pancha bhoota or pancha maha-bhoota, five great elements, also five physical elements, is a group of five basic elements, which, according to hinduism, is the basis of all cosmic creation. These elements are: prithvi/bhudevi  (earth), apas/varuna/jal (water), agni  (fire), vayu (air), aakasha/dyaus (aether). These elements have different characteristics and these also account for different faculties of human experience. In ayurveda and indian philosophy, the human body is considered to be made of these five elements.

Indian Food Pancha Bhoota relation


Our food taste is linked with pancha bhoota . Indian cuisine is based on this concept.

Indian Taste & five elements

sweet-earth & water

sour-earth & fire

salt -water & fire

pungent -fire & air

bitter-air & ether

astringent -air & earth

Indian Food Pancha Bhoota relation

Indian culture , civilisation , food , growth and well being is based on the pancha bhoota . Food what we eat is what we are made of . So our ancestors very cleverly designed food as per people and their occupation . Eg. In puranas (literatures thousand years old ) describes warriors , brahmins , kings , gods all have presented with different kind of food and taste level .

Indian Food Pancha Bhoota relation

Fire | agni

a sanskrit word meaning fire, and connotes the vedic fire god of hinduism.

In indian culture by cooking food is purifying process through fire . Ash is considered holy and lord shiva use this in his body . Goddess parvathi wife of lord shiva is considered ‘anna poorna ‘ goddess of food and nourishment.

Taste associated as per ayurveda – sour , salty and pungent

Indian Food Pancha Bhoota relation

Water | varuna

Varuna is the god of water . Water is one of the five elements our body is build as per indian hindu culture . Water is also key elemnt for the food to be grown and cooked . Taste associated as per ayurveda – sweet and salty

Indian Food Pancha Bhoota relation

Earth |  bhoomi

Earth / bhoomi considered as goddes which is essential for any growth to happen . According to  ayurveda our bone, hair , flesh ,nerves are composed of earth substance . Taste associated with eart are sweet , sour and astringent .

Astringent . Astringent is a taste that puckers the mouth, numbs the tongue, and constricts the throat. This taste is caused by astringents such as tannins. The astringent taste is in unripened bananas, unripe persimmons and acorns dominantly, which prevents them from being eaten.

Indian Food Pancha Bhoota relation

Air | vayu

Air / vayu is a primary hindu deity, the lord of the winds, air is the main element which keep all of us alive .taste associated with air is pungent and astringent

Indian Food Pancha Bhoota relation

Aether | space | akash

Akasha is a term for either space or æther in traditional indian cosmology, depending on the religion. In other words called as nothingness or as what is explained as black hole – something that cant be defined or sensed in human capability . Taste associated is bitterness

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