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All about Cloud Kitchen

Start Cloud Kitchen

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All About Cloud Kitchen

How to start or turn around your existing food delivery business.


The basic concept behind cloud kitchen economics is very simple. Cloud kitchens do not have a physical space for diners to sit and eat. They rely completely on online orders for business and thereby are heavily dependent on food aggregators .

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What Is A Cloud Kitchen ?
Times are changing and we are relying on technology. We are storing our photos and are streaming movies in the cloud. Even the businesses are running in the cloud

These concepts are much economical than traditional restaurants because of low operational cost. Many existing brick-and-mortar restaurant kitchens have seen much of their businesses go online. This has been possible by the rise of delivery apps. Thus, cloud kitchens are slowly upping the restaurant game.

Cloud kitchens are high profit, low risk food service businesses which basically act as food production hubs.

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