Cooking Oils Used In Kerala Cuisine

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Cooking Oils Used In Kerala Cuisine



Coconut oil an edible oil extracted from the dried coconuts. Coconut oil is commonly used in cooking. It gives flavour to the dishes. it is most commonly used in many South Asian curries. Coconut oil has a smoking point of 138c .Coconut oil has a fairly long shelf life of about 2 years because of its natural saturated fat content.


Approximate Nutritional facts Per Serving size 100g,Energy 3,607 kJ (862 kcal) ,Fat 100, saturated 86.5,monounsaturated 5.8, polyunsaturated 1.8,Vitamin E 0.09 mg ,Vitamin K 0.5mg,Iron 0.04 mg.


Mustard oil is extracted from mustard seeds. The oil can be extracted from both black,brown and white mustards. In kerala mustard oil often used for pickling.  The oil is heated before cooking to reduce the strong smell and taste. Mustard seeds have high levels of Omega-3.  Mustard oil is also used for ayurvedic massages to improve blood circulation.

Approximate Nutritional value per 15Gm Calories 126, fat 14, carbohydrates 0, Protein 0



Gingelly oil is also known as Sesame oil. It is an edible vegetable oil extracted from sesame seeds.Gingelly oil is also used in some of the kerala cuisine such as Dosa, Idly etc….. This oil is perfect for deep frying and also can be used for stir frying meats and vegetables. Hindus use gingelly oil to light oil lamps for God. Gingelly oil is a source of vitamin-E.


Approximate Nutriotional value  per 100 g Calorie 884 kcal ,Carbohydrates 0.00 g,Fat 100.00 g, saturated 14.200 g, monounsaturated 39.700 g , polyunsaturated 41.700 g,Protein 0.00 g, Vitamin E 1.40 mg ,Vitamin K 13.6 mg

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