Free Download of ‘beyond Curry’ Cook Book Finediningindian Cooking Series

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considering our fan base and chefs who are still thinking to buy our book we decided to give a free full book preview of  ‘BEYOND CURRY’ a finediningindian approach to gods own cuisine -kerala.

we are offering a free downloadable copy of the book in pdf form only to those subscribe to our mail List , you get the password for file after entering your email Or Download now and signup for password later .

The entire PDF file can be mailed to you personally by our chief executive officer

for being eligible for getting a soft copy of the book you may please tag your name  our Facebook Front cover photo of ‘BEYOND CURRY’

Please find the link below 


after you tag your name please put a feed back of the preview file in comment space below , 

the rest leave to us within 24 hours you get the soft copy in your mail box

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