The Leela Hotels

Leela Luxury Hotels India

The Leela Hotels

Leela Luxury Hotels India


Inaugurated in the year 1986 by Mr. Krishna Nair, The Leela Palaces, hotels and resorts are renowned for their idyllic nature proximity location with breathtaking views. It comes under the Indian Business Conglomerate, The Leela Group.

Struggled out of the desire to be a sanyasi, its renowned founder in his 90’s is still oozing with indefatigable energy, passion and commitment and the same values are instilled into the conglomerate of Leela.


The conglomerate established its first 5-star deluxe hotel in 1986. In 1997-98, the department of tourism (under Government of India) granted the highest honor in hospitality industry to The Leela Bombay hotel. Today the Leela Hotels are a proud reflection of “Atithi Devo Bhava” which means Welcoming the visitors.

Location Leela Luxury Hotels India

The Leelas are spread in popular tourist destinations across the globe and every one of them is strategically placed in the peaceful outskirts of the buzzing cities. Most of them are well inside the 30-minute proximity from the Airport.


Dine and Wine

There are exorbitant amount of cuisines and wines; definitely something to tempt everyone with specialties (especially the Popular Indian Recipes) from all around the world. Relish the delectable flavor of fine food along with couple of Leela’s Fine Indian Food specials. The international breakfast buffet will jolt your nervous system with a refreshing flavor so that you can kick start your touring.


Services and Facilities Leela Luxury Hotels India

If there is an art to provide world class attentive services without intrusiveness to privacy, the Leelas deserve a special recognition in this category. Every room is equipped with a Butler service.

The bandwidth is available in plenty for Free Wifi to allow you a stupendous web surfing along with heavy usage of Video streaming and demanding applications.

The standard amenities of Bar, Laundry, Restaurants, Spa and Parking are all abreast with the trending designs and facilities.

Styling and interiors Leela Luxury Hotels India

The royal architecture of the native city is very much taken into account for creating a conspicuous styling and interiors in every Leela Hotel.

The regional authenticity is mighty convincing with perfect attention to detail. A grand lobby sets the tone for “Atithi Devo Bhava” with open heart and enthusiasm. 


Well trained, polite and prompt service; all these summarizes the essence of staff at the Leelas. Instilled with the feeling of serving the customer beyond their expectancy, the actions and behavior of the staff truly reflects that with extreme polite and care.

Their emotional and spiritual intelligence will make you want to pursue them for every little bit of help which will they will happily comply to.


The timeless elegance is well depicted in every room with artistic shades which easily invigorates the tiring mind. The rooms are spacious with floorings and furniture of glorious designs. Standard amenities are perfectly located at strategically convenient places of the room.

The stay in the room with sun facing view will awaken every fiber of your being with plenty of sunlight flooding in and the entire city falling under your feet at the night time.

The separate bath, walk in shower including the tea and coffee makers will make you want to have cozy and solace experience. If you found anything disturbing with the aesthetic details of your room, the butler service is always there to rectify the issues at the earliest.

Value for Money

As usual, the prices are way above what the average Indian folk can afford to with off season price hovering around Rs. 20000 INR to Rs. 30000 at peak times for the double rooms. But with price, comes delightful services and Leela is synonymous to outstanding hospitality and marvelous experience. The innumerable crowning achievements in the hospitality industry (owing to Best Indian chefs) has not withered the Leelas from striving for more perfection and to stay at the pinnacle of Indian hospitality.


It is the Leela only where one can truly feel the resonance of India’s rich cultural with that of Lutyen’s architecture.

The lavishly designed palaces and resorts are a perfect alternative to other 7 star chains for customers to enjoy a long and relaxed vacation.

Every nuke and corner of this Majestic hotel chain is designed to exude a royal feeling making you rejuvenated from your routine life.

Its prompt and customer-centric services are truly remarkable and will give you pleasurable experience.