The Lalit Hotels

Lalit Luxury Hotels in India

The Lalit Hotels

Lalit Luxury Hotels in India


With its inception in 1986, the Lalits have witness an unprecedented growth in the hospitality sector. In this post, the Fine Dining Indian Magazine will cover the quintessential of hospitality sector i.e. The Lalits.

They are registered under the Bharat Enterprise limited which is the largest privately owned hotel company of India. Its stalwart founder Mr. Lalit Suri left no stone unturned in propelling the Lalits to the pinnacle of the Indian Hospitality sector. He is widely regarded as the uncrowned hotel king whose expansion plans for the Lalits were in top gear but his sudden demise in 2006 put heavy brakes on it.


The Lalits are present in preeminent entertainment and leisure destinations around the world. Every Lalit hotel is situated in the heart of city, right in the midst of buzzing markets instead of the city outskirts. All the major tourist attractions are located almost within an hour drive from every Lalit. All the markets for daily essentials are just a ten-minute stroll away from the hotel premises.


Dine and wine

With multiple restaurants, there is no dearth of wine and dine (especially the Popular Indian Recipes) options at the Lalit. The native dishes are given prime consideration. Lalits have done an astounding job in crafting the menu. A connoisseur will enjoy the traditional tastes of Best Indian recipes with exorbitant amount of wine options to choose from. An enormous list of the Italian wines can be found here. The right wine with the right course and activity will serve a delectable taste which you would never experience anywhere.


Services and facilities

Luxurious services and state of the art amenities are available in plenty here. Swimming Pool, Retreat Spa, Atms, Valet dry-cleaning, you name it and the Lalits have it. The meeting spaces for business individuals are highly versatile. High speed internet is available for little to heavy bandwidth users at the Lalits. The spa offers tranquility and supreme relaxation which will soothe the racing mind.

Styling and interiors

The hall room have walls doused with the exquisite color combinations. The styling and interiors will appeal to even the most jaded jetsetter. Striking displays of art, private galleries and the neat organized guest rooms are a mighty attraction to the art lovers. Mark Twain once described the Kolkata based Lalit as “the Jewel of the East” and the new owners have blended in the modern facilities without sacrificing the local heritage.



With increasing ratio of convivial staff to people, there is no lack of dedication as far as warm hospitality infused with compassion, care and enthusiasm is concerned.

As with the desi culture, the staff people at every Lalit will go out of their way to fulfill your demands during your stay. Do not be surprised to witness a working lady clasping her hands symbolizing “Namaste” when you are on your way to the lift. They are well trained to create an ambiance of a family for the visitors and they are damn good at it. As expected, the staff people speaks highly of their owners with genuine respect gleaming from their eyes. Their cladding with the Indian attire looks nothing short of royalty.


Most of the rooms have separate bathtubs and shower. High speed internet, trendy furnishings and bathrooms with marble floors are some of the highlights of the Deluxe Room. The guests room are spacious and the suits offer spectacular view. All in all, the rooms offer supreme comfort levels without any distinctive characteristics.

Every room has a butler service who are mighty quick for fulfilling the requests. There is absolutely no requirement of a concierge services as the rest of the staff will ensure that your queries and demands are catered to even if it is beyond what they are paid to serve.

Value for money

The ones in India charge double rooms for nearly Rs. 10000 in their off season while during the peak times, prices reach a whopping Rs. 25000 per night. Breakfast may or may not be included.


If you value about quality services (especially the Fine Indian Food and Indian dish recipes vegetarian) with authenticity, the Lalits will win you over. Right from hospitality to serving you, the staff are highly intuitive of your needs and will come to your aid without you needing to utter a word. Despite catering heavily to the westerners, the Lalits have maintained an appreciable Indian heritage.