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Touted for its exceptional hospitality services and its distinctive heartwarming ‘Namaste’ logo, the chain of ITC Luxury Hotels India has notched up the benchmark for a perfect blend of Indian and foreign culture, which makes it an idyllic relaxing stay for the westerners.


The inception of ITC hotels started by the name of Rama Hotels in the year 1972. After exchanging a couple of owners, the name “ITC” was finally incorporated in the year 1986.

ITC’s journey in the hospitality sector has truly redefined the expectations of a foreign visitor with state of the art facilities and an unprecedented staff services owing to which, it is without a shadow of a doubt, the leading hospitality chain in India well ahead of its contemporaries.


Most of its hotels are easily accessible from the main airport owing to nearly 20-minute taxi drive. The picturesque 360-degree views of the native city are quite prominent from almost all of the ITCs due to their majestic location. The iconic landmarks of the native places are no more than an hour drive at the most from ITCs which makes their position even more praiseworthy.


Dine and Wine

Four restaurants, each specializing in different cuisine is like a norm in every ITC hotel. While the primary focus has been to serve the delectable Fine Indian Food, the other cuisines are given equal importance too. Be assured to have your cuisines prepared by some of the Best Indian chefs. The sunset drinks on the rooftop are quite an attraction. Some of the indigenous Indian dish recipes vegetarian are worth having at the ITCs. Every gourmet will surely be able to satiate the different taste from the extensive menus here. For the serious Oenophiles, they will surely not be disappointed even if they have to pay an astronomical price.


Services and Facilities

Vying for the top spot of the best hotel chain in India, ITCs are a definite contender due to their stupendous services and amenities. The floating spa and humongous sized swimming pool are some of the prominent services in every ITC. The nightclubs will dance you to your favorite tunes till the dawn hours. The adult of all ages are likely to have a gala time here with engaging entertainment performance for unwinding from the routine day. The pool parties are famous here and have all the entertainment sections to drain off your entire energy.

Styling and interiors

The rooms are opulent looking with many inspired from the Mughal style interiors. The heritage suites of the ITC are worth of fantastic prices. The rich, vibrant colors of the rooms will lure you to spend at least a couple of relaxing days instead of venturing out and exploring the city. The amenities like Tv, small fridge, charging points are conveniently located in every room. A couple of rooms are crafted with the vintage ambience.


If you crave for a superlative comfort level, then the staff at ITC will leave no stone unturned in providing you with a royal experience with a butler for every room just a button away. The staff to guest ratio has proliferated in recent years. It seems as if the staffs have an inherent love for children and the disabled and their action genuinely congruent with this belief. Their breakfast service to your bed is of another level. Throughout your stay, their attention to detail for your comfort priorities will not shift by even an iota.

Value for Money

As far as the Indian consumer is concerned, the offseason prices for the ITC are on the higher end of the economic spectrum with prices reaching sky high during the peak times like festive season. Nevertheless, for the international tourists, the currency exchange price favours them massively and makes ITC an ideal 5-star hotel chain for a stay. While the services are abreast to the international standards, the exorbitant prices don’t justify them.


If you are an extravagant, especially for a lavish stay, the ITCs will go beyond your expectations to provide you with top-notch accommodation. From welcoming you on your arrival and exquisite wine and dine (especially if you crave the best Indian cooking recipes) to the exemplary services and amenities, everything stands at par with the global standards with a touch of royalty which you will surely agree that once in a while makes you feel elated.

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