Vegetable Biryani Recipe

Indian Vegetable Biryani Recipe

Portion Size – One
Plateware – One Portion Handi

Biryani is an Indian dish, which is everyone’s weakness. Whether the person is a man, woman, child. Everyone loves  to eat Biryani at any time. So let’s learn today, how we can make it easily.

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Adjust Servings
60Gms Carrot
30Gms Beans
40Gms Green Peas
50Gms Bottle Gourd
10Gms Corn sweet
60Gms Ghee
205Gms Mint Leaves
3Gms Cinnamon
5Gms Green Cardamon
2Gms Cloves
60Gms Brown Onion
5Gms Yellow Chilly Powder
70Gms Yogurt
5Gms Green Chilly Slit
8Gms Mace Cardamom Powder
10ML Kewda Water
0.05Gms Saffron Water
3Gms Bay Leaf
20Gms Ginger
350Gms AIP – Biryani Rice
250Gms AIP- Biryani Jhole
15Gms Salt
For Dressing
5Gms Brown Onion
2Gms Mint Leave
2Gms Green Chili

Nutritional Information

448 Cal Energy
8.9 g Protein
60.8 g Carbohydrates
5.7 g Fiber
18.2 g Fat
4 mg Cholesterol



Stage 1

In a clean vessel, heat ghee and crackle all the spices. Add ginger garlic paste and sauté well. Add the yoghurt and cook.
Add all the veg and sauté well. Add salt and the yellow chilly powder, cook till it leaves oil.
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Stage 2

Add brown onion paste and cook for another 5 minutes. Add the brown onion.
Add water and simmer till the vegetables are 60 % done. Add water.
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Stage 3

Add half of the mace and cardamom powder. Separate the vegetables (al Dante- crisp) cook the gravy till the right consistency is achieved.
Strain the gravy, and then add the vegetables back to it. Store properly after cooling, in a chiller.
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Stage 4 - Assembly

Put the veg gravy for the Biryani in a pan. Put mint, green chilly slit, brown onion, salt, and mace and cardamom powder, as per the order. Add the jhol for the Biryani (butter and cream) in the gravy.
Put some jhol and veg at the bottom of the put. Layer the rice for the Biryani on the top. (Not full 3/4th).
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Stage 5 - Final Part

Put the remaining veg on top of the rice. Sprinkle with white rice. Sprinkle the kewda and the saffron water.
Garnish with brown onion, fresh mint leaves and slit green chilly. Cook on Dum, on a slow heat.
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