Kappa Beef Curry

Chicken drumstick coconut masala is a unique and traditional recipe of South India. Here in this recipe Chicken drumstick is cooked in a fried spicy aromatic coconut mixture. This is a non vegetarian side dish goes well with rice, porotta and with any type of breads.

Portion Size u2013 One

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1Kg Beef buy fresh
1Tspn Turmeric powder
1Tbspn Chilli powder
2Tbspn Red chilli paste
3Tspn Coriander powder
1Tbspn Ginger garlic paste
2medium size onion Onion sliced
3nos. Green chilli slit
10leaves Curry leaf
1cube Chicken stock cube
1Tspn Salt
3Tbspn Oil
Water – just enough to cover beef.
2Tbspn Coconut oil



Stage 1

In a pressure cooker put beef and all the ingredients mentioned except coconut oil and water.
Mix it altogether and pour water just enough to cover the beef.
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Stage 2

cook for 5 minutes in high pressure and then reduce the flame and cook for another 25 minutes in low flame.
When it is ready open the pressure cooker lid and put cooked tapioca in to beef curry and mix gently altogether.
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Stage 3

Pour some coconut oil and put fresh curry leaf in to the curry for an amazing flavor. Mix it.
Give it a boil after mixing and it is ready to serve.
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