Watch This Amazing Recipe for Making Jam Jelly for Christmas

super easy

Make This Amazing Jam jelly

With your kids , you can choose any fruit jam for this There are some kitchen Tips i am providing in this video to make a better jelly.

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Adjust Servings
300g Fruit Jam
600g Water
6g Gelatin
50g Sugar
1 sugar Santa



Bring to boil jam and water , add 50g sugar while boiling remove any scum from top, Meanwhile soak gelatine in cold water, once the jam mix is clean add gelatine .
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Make sure you squeeze out all water from gelatine . so that the ratio of liquid to gelatine is not changed. if you add more water the jelly will not set or will be too soft to handle.
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Allow the mixture to cool down . you can see the sediments settle down . with out disturbing that take clear liquid from top and pour in to the cold lined with cling film. the cling film help to remove the jelly easily without breaking.
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Now you may cut whatever shape you need. Place sugar santa on top or side. the sugar Santa you may buy from shop.
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