Prawn Patties

Portion Size – One
Plateware – Small Rectangular Platter

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Adjust Servings
125Gms Prawns 16/20
100ml Vegetable Oil
60Gms Chopped Onions fine
10Gms Chilly Powder Red
5Gms Turmeric Powder
5Gms Garam Masala Powder
60Gms Tomatoes Chopped
5Gms Cumin Powder
10Ml Lemon Juice Fresh
10Gms Chopped Green Coriander
250Gms Potato
30Gms Bread Crumbs Fresh
30Gms Cornflower
5Gms Chopped Green Chili
10Gms Salt
30Gms Mint Chutney
30Gms Tamarind Chutney
2Gms Coriander Spring



Stage 1

Boil the potatoes and mash them finely. Keep aside. Add bread crumbs.
Adjust the corn flower and seasoning according to the moisture content.
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Stage 2

In a pan slow blanch the prawns and mash them with hand roughly. Heat the pan and temper with oil.
Add chopped onions and sauté lightly. Now mix in the powdered spices and cook.
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Stage 3

Add tomatoes and cook well till it leaves oil. Put the mashed prawns in the mixtures.
Adjust seasoning and lemon juice. Finely add chopped green coriander.
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Make small balls of mashed potatoes (like tikies) and stuff them with the prawn mixture. Deep fry the tikies in clean oil. Fry till they are crisp.
Serve hot(4 pieces in a one portion).
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